Razer and BAPE team up for ‘A Gaming Ape’ 2022 collection

Three people wearing the brand-new collectionRazer / BAPE

Razer has teamed up with BAPE for the “A Gaming Ape” Spring Summer 2022 capsule. The collection is due to drop on July 22nd, 2022.

Razer, one of the most iconic gaming and tech brands out there is back with another collaboration with Nigo’s iconic BAPE brand. The duo previously released a capsule drop in 2020 which sold out before you could even blink. Over on StockX, even one of the hoodies could cost you almost $700 on the aftermarket.

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We’ve had our eyes on the new collection, and needless to say, you can expect this one to sell out, too. There are only 1337 units available per product, so this drop will be extremely limited. Sneakerheads take note, as there will also be a BAPE STA launching with a lavish green colorway.

Razer BAPE STA Sneakers glowingRazer / BAPE

A Bathing Ape’s Akihiro Fukui commented on the coalescence of the two brands:

“Gaming has become a global cultural phenomenon and many global artists and celebrities are
embracing it. We expect this trend to continue and to have a major impact on the fashion
industry moving forward”

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He further continues to state that the collaboration “capitalizes on the strengths of both companies”, and it’s clear to see, that both the apparel and peripherals look great. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but they are definitely in line with BAPE’s iconic camo print designs. However, it’s not all about the fashion, as you’ll also be able to grab A Gaming Ape peripherals, too.

Razer X BAPE 2.0 “A Gaming Ape” S/S 2022: Apparel

Razer / BAPE

There are a few different things that we love about the newest collection of apparel by A Gaming Ape, and one of them has to be the simple Tee, which is emblazoned with the Gaming Ape Head, wearing a pair of Razer Kraken headphones, we love the simple look and Razer green color blocking, and the ape’s head is even outfitted with the three-headed razer snake in a camo print.

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We’ve already talked about the limited-edition BAPE STA, which is also outfitted with glow-in-the-dark soles, which you should absolutely look out for, especially if you’re a sneakerhead.

Of course, you can hardly talk about any BAPE collab without talking about their Shark zip hoodies, and there are two variants to choose from this time around.

There’s your standard Razer green colorway, with the camo print and color blocking, but it also comes in a “Quartz” (Pink) version, that also comes with Kraken Kitty ears. This is bound to be one of the most popular items, so be sure to get there fast and beat the bots if you want to pick up a pair.

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You can paint the entire collection with matching shorts and a snapback, which all look great, to boot.

Razer X BAPE 2.0 “A Gaming Ape” S/S 2022: Peripherals

Razer / BAPE

Now, it’s not all about the apparel, as Razer has put in the work to brand some of their peripherals with a brand-new shine, too. There’s a 15-inch laptop sleeve, for those who are so inclined, as well as skins for your Blade 15, or Macbook Pro 13.

However, some of the coolest designs are the co-branded Blackwidow V3 gaming keyboard, which is outfitted in a camo design and unique A Gaming Ape keycaps, in addition to a plush wrist rest. This will round out the gaming headset and mouse that were previously released in 2020’s drop.

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There’s also going to be an extremely nice limited-edition Razer Iskur X gaming chair available in Green and Quartz, which is also given the same camo treatment as the rest of the collection.

Razer X BAPE 2.0 “A Gaming Ape” S/S 2022 capsule drop: Pricing

We’ve got our hands on worldwide pricing for the entire capsule drop, where you can see absolutely everything in the latest collection below:

  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® Gaming Ape Tee (Black and White/ Quartz): £115 GBP / $125 USD / 125€
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® Camo Team Tee 93: £229 GBP / $245 USD / 245€
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® Shark Full Zip Hoodie: £519 GBP / $529 USD / 619€
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® Basketball Sweat Shorts: £309 GBP / $349 USD / 349€
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® Easy Sweat Shorts: £229 GBP / $245 USD / 245€
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® Snapback Cap: £169 GBP / $179 USD / 179€
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® Sneakers M2 BAPE STA™: £319 / $359 USD / 359€
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® Protective Sleeve V2 – 15.6″: £79.99 GBP / $79.99 USD / 79€
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® – Razer Skins: £79.99 / $79.99 USD
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® BlackWidow V3: £199.99 / $199.99 USD / 219€
  • Razer x *A Bathing Ape® Iskur X (Black / Quartz): $699 USD / 759€ (Not available in the UK)

Where to buy the Razer X BAPE 2.0 “A Gaming Ape” S/S 2022 capsule drop

You can expect to find the Razer X BAPE collection available at Razer.com (US, UK). However, the Iskur X gaming chair will not be available in the UK. Additionally, the laptop skins will only be available at RazerStore London, if you’re lucky enough to get there.

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Razer X BAPE “A Gaming Ape” S/S 2022 capsule drop: Release date

The collection will be launching on July 22, 2022, at 7 PM PDT, or July 23 2022 at 3 AM BST in the UK. You will need to move fast, as we expect the collection to sell out almost immediately, especially since every product is limited to just 1337 units. So, remember to set those alarms if you want to avoid disappointment.

You can find more information about the Razer X BAPE “A Gaming Ape” S/S 2022 capsule drop directly on the official A Gaming Ape website.

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