PSVR 2 cracked to work on PC – sort of

PSVR 2 cracked screen with a headset on top

A VR developer, iVRy, has managed to crack the authentication on the PSVR 2. However, it doesn’t sound like it has been all easygoing – especially with costs.

Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 launched earlier this year to positive reviews, but a question has lingered over the hardware: does it support PC? While officially it doesn’t, a VR developer has managed to crack the hardware to be recognized by PC platforms.

iVRy is the developer of software by the same name. Originally released in 2017, the driver allows you to use a variety of non-PC VR hardware on the PC itself. This includes the original PSVR, and now, the PSVR 2 is set to follow.

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When asked about the crack and how it was possible, iVRy responded by saying that they’re “not at liberty to discuss that”. From the rest of the tweet, it appears that iVRy has actually managed to circumvent the PS5’s entire peripheral authentication process.

“It’s unlikely that we could get locked out unless Sony changes the way peripheral authentication happens on PS5.”

iVRy goes on to say that they’re not exploiting bugs to get into the PSVR 2’s authentication system and that they don’t expect Sony to retaliate against this due to the low number of hardware users that would take advantage of the crack.

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PSVR 2 crack has cost the developer $9500

However, it’s not all been successful. Despite spending nearly 70 days on the project, iVRy cannot get the PSVR 2 to launch into VR mode when connected to the PC. They’ve also mentioned that even with the donations supplied via PayPal, it has cost them $9500 and they’re unsure how long they can keep going before giving up on the idea.

Despite the positive reviews, Sony hasn’t managed to shift a lot of units of the PSVR 2 and even before launch, rumors circulated that the company has cut production due to the lessened demand.

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