Nvidia RTX 4090 is already in production according to leaked documents

A graphics card enlarged to look like a factory worker is holding it up with a forklift.Dexerto

The Nvidia RTX 4090 is due to be released in October, and according to the latest leaks, they’re already being produced in factories.

With the details of the RTX 4090 quickly mounting up, there’s further evidence from Baidu forums via Twitter user Harukaze5719 that Nvidia’s next flagship graphics cards are already in production over in factories. According to leaked benchmarks, it will be one of the fastest graphics cards ever made.

A leak in chinese featuring a factory report with the RTX 4090 on it.Baidu
The RTX 4090 entries have no production capacity number assigned to them.

Currently pipped for a release in October, the RTX 4090 has an eye-watering 24GB of GDDR6X RAM and will demand a 450W TDP. This latest leak gives credence to the suggestions that the card will be released in October, with the final first samples of the RTX 4090 rolling out of factories as early as August.

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A Factory leak paper that shows the RTX 4090 featuredBaidu
AD102 and further technical information are specified in a follow-up post.

The images do not show much off, aside from that we can see the RTX 4090, production date, and a final deadline next to it. An additional image posted later by the same user also shows that the RTX 4090 will have three DisplayPort inputs, in addition to what we assume to be an HDMI 2.1 port. We’ve never had details like this beforehand, but they further give credence to these documents as genuine, with the rest of the list blurred out.

There’s also an additional image, where you can see production in tandem with the GTX 1650, and the RTX 3070 Ti. We don’t expect this to be a chip foundry, but instead a factory that packages and produces the cards complete with their coolers, ready to be boxed up.

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However, this also gives us a unique insight into the situation with the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070, too. Both of these lower-tier cards do not appear on the factory production list provided, and that could mean that we will be seeing the GPUs launch in early 2023 if we still see specs being changed this close to launch.

Nvidia is currently attempting to quell a GPU crisis where manufacturers and retailers have too much stock of the current high-end Ampere lineup, and even brought the RTX 3080 12GB out of retirement in order to help sell off the now-aging chips.

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We are eagerly awaiting an official announcement of the chips, which currently has no set date. But needless to say, we’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

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