Nvidia officially announces the RTX 4070 Ti at CES 2023

After multiple leaks and a retraction, Nvidia has finally announced the RTX 4070 Ti at CES 2023. The card was originally planned to be the 4080.

In a bizarre twist last year, Nvidia “unlaunched” the RTX 4080 12GB after it got a less than excited reception. The card, which was going to be less powerful, was taken off the release schedule and canceled after Nvidia deemed it to be a confusing moniker.

RTX 4070Nvidia

Now, it’ll be launching as the RTX 4070 Ti, which was originally the plan all along – barring the Ti name. Costing $799, it seems to be Nvidia’s shot back across the bow at AMD.

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Team Red’s new cards, the 7900 XT and XTX are both considerably cheaper than Nvidia’s current flagship cards, the 4080 and 4090. Nvidia’s flagships currently cost $1599 and $1199, while AMD’s come in at a much more palatable $899 and $999.

While not as powerful, as our review has shown, the AMD cards are a mighty step up for the company in terms of offering a solid solution to Nvidia’s nasty prices on the 4080 and 4090.

Nvidia’s own slides claim it’s faster than the 3090 Ti, which would also put it at 40% cheaper. Meanwhile, leaks indicate that its performance could top the 3080 by around 3.5 times.

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RTX 4070 Ti price, launch date, and specs

The 4070 Ti will launch on January 5 and will come in at an MSRP of $799. It’ll be able to access the other features the 40-series has brought along with it, like DLSS 3 and frame generation.

You can get an idea of what DLSS 3 holds for you in our 4080 and 4090 reviews.

SpecRTX 4070 TiRTX 4090RTX 4080
NVIDIA CUDA Cores7680163849728
Boost Clock (GHz)2.612.522.51
Base Clock (GHz)2.312.232.21
Standard Memory Config12 GB GDDR6X24 GB GDDR6X16 GB GDDR6X
Memory Interface Width192-bit384-bit256-bit
Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)909090
Graphics Card Power (W)285450320
Required System Power (W) (4)700850750
Required Power Connectors2x PCIe 8-pin cables (adapter in box) OR
1x 300 W or greater PCIe Gen 5 cable
3x PCIe 8-pin cables (adapter in box) OR
1x 450 W or greater PCIe Gen 5 cable
3x PCIe 8-pin cables (adapter in box) OR
1x 450 W or greater PCIe Gen 5 cable
Maximum Digital Resolution (1)7680×43207680×43207680×4320
Standard Display ConnectorsHDMI(2), 3x DisplayPort(3)HDMI(2), 3x DisplayPort(3)HDMI(2), 3x DisplayPort(3)
LengthVaries by manufacturer304 mm304 mm
WidthVaries by manufacturer137 mm137 mm
SlotVaries by manufacturer3-Slot (61mm)3-Slot (61mm)

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