Nvidia finally responds to melting RTX 4090 power plug issues

rtx 4090 FE zoomed in on power plugNvidia

Nvidia has finally responded to the ongoing melting issues with the RTX 4090 power plugs, including both ATX 3.0 12VHPWR cables and the company’s own adapter.

Since the release of the Nvidia RTX 4090, early adopters around the world have been dealing with reports of the newly introduced 16-pin 12VHPWR plug melting the power cable as well as the plug on the GPU.

There have been reports of the connector being revised since then, but users have been waiting for Nvidia to make an official statement regarding the issues.

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They finally did so on November 18, in a post on the Nvidia customer help website.

Nvidia responds to melting RTX 4090 plugs

In a post, Nvidia revealed that they are actively investigating the reports of melting connectors and at the time of writing, have been made aware of “about 50 cases” globally.

They also gave some insight into why they believe the connectors are melting. “Our findings to date suggest that a common issue is that connectors are not fully plugged into the graphics card,” they said.

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“To help ensure the connector is secure we recommend plugging the power dongle into the graphics card first to ensure it’s firmly and evenly plugged in, before plugging the graphics card into the motherboard.”

This acknowledgment comes just weeks after it became known that Nvidia was rushing to solve the issue with its AIB board partners like Zotac, PNY, Gigabyte, and more.

It’s unknown whether or not users are having similar issues with the newly released RTX 4080 GPU, but we’ll be sure to update you if reports begin surfacing.

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