Nvidia begin teasing RTX 40-series announcement

Jensen before a big hashtag saying "Project Beyond"

Team Green’s upcoming graphics cards are being teased on social media, leading some to believe Nvidia is preparing an announcement for the next line of RTX cards.

After stating that we’d hear about the new RTX cards on a call a couple of weeks ago, it seems as though Nvidia are ramping up to a potential September 20 announcement.

Nvidia GeForce Beyond

The latest tease comes from Nvidia’s Twitter account, which provided a puzzle for people to solve. It took less than 30 minutes for people to crack that the date being teased for a ‘GeForce Beyond’ – or ‘Project Beyond’ – event was planned for September 20.

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Once cracked, the puzzle tweet was followed up with a video trailer, as seen below.

Nvidia’s latest cards have been leaked time and time again, since plans for them started to finalize. This has even included Nvidia’s production plans in the factory, which listed two models of the 4070 card.

Happening on September 20, is Nvidia’s AI-focused event, GTC. The GPU Technology Conference is where Nvidia show off how far their tech has come in their aim to improve artificial intelligence.

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AI is a huge portion of Nvidia’s business now, with even consumer-level cards hitting new strides in terms of what can be produced.

It’s now expected that the 4090 will be demonstrated at the event, with a launch soon to follow. As for the 4070 and 4080, or even 4060 GPUs, we’re currently being led to believe that these won’t happen until 2023.

This is due to Nvidia’s overabundance of GPUs from trying to manufacture as many as they can to remove parts from the factory lines.

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GTC begins September 19 through 22, with the GeForce Beyond event assumed to take place on the second day, possibly as the keynote or after.

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