The Nothing Phone 1 is launching in the US, with a catch

Nothing Phone 1 floating on a black and white reflective background.Nothing

The Nothing Phone 1 launched in the EU and other territories last year, with the company finally releasing the phone in the US for $299 as a part of its beta program.

The Nothing Phone 1 stunned tech enthusiasts worldwide last year with its striking design, and relatively stripped-back feature set in comparison to other mobile phones. Its Glyph design in addition to the LED notifications around the back gives the handset a distinct Cyberpunk aesthetic, while also being transparent, allowing you to see through the phone at the back.

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Launching for $299, but there’s more

It’ll launch in the US for just $299, which is incredibly cheap in comparison to other flagship phones, which can run you over $1000, like Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

However, Nothing is not saying that this is a full launch. Instead, it’s being positioned as a “Beta”. The device will have limited carrier support in the US, and might not work with all networks when it comes to 5G. The device will also run a beta version of the company’s new software, Nothing OS 1.5.

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If you dig deeper into the FAQs about the phone, you’ll find that the device might not work with essential apps like Google Wallet, Netflix, and YouTube correctly. It’ll be running on Android 13, so you should expect some instability. An iPhone this is not.

With that said, $299 is an absolute bargain price for the handset, and the beta is all signposted across the marketing materials, you just have to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you purchase it.

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With that said, the internal specifications remain the exact same, you’re getting 128GB of storage, in addition to 8GB of RAM, a 50MP camera, and a buttery-smooth 120Hz OLED display. While it’s not the worst deal in the world, you’ll also have to contend with any software growing pains you might encounter.

For now, we’ll say that this launch is only for hardcore Android enthusiasts.

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