Sweats rejoice as new gaming chair comes with massive fan strapped to it

The NxSys AeroTom's Hardware/Firefly AI

A new gaming chair from Cougar, the NxSys Aero Chair, has a huge 200mm fan embedded into the back of it. With a hot summer coming up, it seems like a perfect buy.

Cougar’s NxSys Aero Chair might look like a regular gaming chair, but it holds a secret weapon. Inside there’s a 200mm fan – equipped with RGB – to keep you nice and cool during those intense gaming sessions.

The chair, which is being shown off at Computex 2023, isn’t the first time Cougar has made furniture. Its current roster includes things like desks and fanless chairs. However, the company is known for its cooling gear for PCs, so why not start cooling the customer too?

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Cougar has labeled the design with a few names like “Air Bender” and “Cold Fusion”. Essentially, it uses the space between the front and back of the chair to slot the fan in. Using its “Air Bender” design it is able to push the air around, without it all entirely getting caught on the direct part of your back.

“Cold Fusion” is what Cougar is calling the area where the fan is actually located.

Cougar shows off NxSys Aero chair – the gaming chair with a fan in it

Gaming chair with fan in itTom’s Hardware

Onboard the NxSys Aero is a fan and RGB controller, allowing for quick switching of the settings. According to those on the show floor, Cougar hasn’t given any information regarding when the Aero will release, or what it’ll cost.

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However, if you look at its previous chairs, they usually fall into the mid-range price. Gaming chairs can cost all the way up and above $1000, and with a fan embedded within, we should expect this to be on the more premium end.

Cougar’s current premium model, The Terminator, is designed around keeping the spine comfortable, with a “second spine” lining the outside. That costs $799, however, the NxSys Aero looks closer to the mid-range models with that additional 200mm fan.

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