New AMD GPUs coming soon after surprise listing appears online

amd d707AMD

With the launch of the RX 7000 series of GPUs, AMD is keeping tight-lipped around upcoming GPUs. However, the South Korean regulator might have blown the news early.

“D707” is what the board for the upcoming AMD graphics card is called, and it’s been spotted on the South Korean regulator, RRA’s website.

Currently designated under ATI, the semiconductor manufacturer that AMD acquired back in 2006, D707 is yet to be revealed by the Chinese firm. There’s no indication as to what card this is for either, and is currently indecipherable as to whether it could be one of the anticipated lower-end cards.

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We’ve had no word from AMD around the RX 7800 or 7600 ranges, though it’s been some time since the release of the RX 7900 XT and XTX. The company’s strategy with the RX 6000 line leads us to believe that AMD could drop a whole batch of brand-new GPUs all at once.

AMD GPUs nearing launch

RX 7900 XT designDexerto

In the listing on the RRA website, D707 is joined by the following:

  • D701
  • D702
  • D703
  • D704
  • D705
  • D706
  • D707

We already know that D702 and D704 are the RX 7900 XTX and XT respectively. However, it’s worth noting that the way AMD will send products for approval is by what’s available and ready first, not the release date. We might not see D707 for a while yet.

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The AMD RX 7900XT impressed us greatly, thanks to its lower price than that of rival Nvidia. Its major downsides right now still have to do with ray tracing performance in addition to lagging behind Team Green’s software experience. However, combining the GPU with a newer system still produces fantastic framerates in games.

AMD is also gearing up to begin stocking shelves with the 3D variations on their Ryzen 7000 CPU line, as well as launching a new promotion to bundle the upcoming Star Wars game, Jedi: Survivor with purchases of their CPUs until April.

We should expect to see a GPU update from AMD later this year.

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