Valve’s list of most-played Steam Deck games in March has one surprising entry

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Valve has published a list of the most-played Steam Deck games in March has one confounding entry: Resident Evil 4. The title was released on March 26, giving it less than a week to get on the list.

Valve’s Steam Deck is only getting more popular as time goes on. The portable powerhouse is finally garnering competition from the likes of ASUS, and potentially Razer. Gamers worldwide are frothing to play the latest games on the go with the latest handhelds.

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Thanks to Valve’s robust Steam analytics, the company has just published a list of the most-played games on Steam Deck in order to help you find your next title to play in its portable form factor. You see many of the usual suspects, like Hogwarts Legacy, Elden Ring, and Vampire Survivors. However, toward the bottom of the list, you’ll see one entry that might surprise you.

Resident Evil 4 silently creeps onto the list


Leon Kennedy’s luscious locks may have only arrived in a freshly-based remake of the classic Resident Evil 4 on March 26, but it’s already made the list for one of the most-played games on the system. The title only had around a week to rank on the list, and yet it’s managed to come through as one of the top titles for Valve’s handheld.

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It’s no wonder, too. Resident Evil 4 is perfect for the Steam Deck. We’ve published a list of some of the best settings that you should use on the title for optimal performance on the Deck. While it’ll certainly look better being powered by the likes of a PS5 or RTX 40-series graphics card, you can still have an excellent time with the title using AMD’s Van Gogh APU on the Deck.

Given the strength of the game, and its incredible performance on the Steam Deck (unlike The Last of Us), it’s been awarded our Steam Deck game of the month. If you have another device, like an Ayaneo 2, you should still expect some stellar performance thanks to Capcom’s ultra-scalable RE Engine.

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