Microsoft Teams Premium now includes OpenAI

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Microsoft Teams Premium tier now includes the powerful OpenAI GPT-3.5 to help with new and existing features of the software.

Microsoft’s investment and usage of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 AI language model have already come to fruition. Much like the company’s quick dominance of collaborative work software with the introduction of Teams in 2020, it hasn’t taken long for the Seattle conglomerate to get AI into Teams.

Implementing AI into this type of software isn’t a first though, as Notion recently got its own AI model into its productivity app. However, Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar investment means that Teams will be getting access to one of the best AI language models online right now.

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Microsoft has mentioned that some of the features might not arrive until later in 2023, so don’t expect everything yet.

Teams Premium AI features

The inclusion brings updates to existing and new options in Teams Premium. This includes a new recap feature, which will make meeting notes for you, regardless of your attendance.

Things that were free, are now being moved into the paid tier. Options like AI-translated captions will now be forced behind the introductory fee of $7 a month, and $10 from June 30.

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AI software isn’t just being pushed by Microsoft, as Google and their Teams competitor are apparently working quickly to implement their own into the search engine giant’s products. While Google’s AI appears to be more focused on general use, it currently uses machine learning in Google Docs to help finish sentences.

One report has indicated that it will be able to generate music from a text prompt.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Dalle 2, which can construct images from a prompt, now have their own subscription fees as well.

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The race to be first for artificial intelligence might start at Microsoft Teams Premium, but it won’t end there, as multiple companies are vying for AI in their products going forward.

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