Microsoft is making a new Xbox controller made from old CDs


Microsoft has just launched a brand-new Xbox controller named the “Remix Special Edition”. The controller is made from one-third of “reclaimed” materials. Microsoft gives several examples, such as old CDs. This gives the controller a unique finish.

Microsoft cannot seem to stop making special edition controllers. But, this one appears to be more than just another gaming or pop culture collaboration. Dubbed the “Remix Special Edition”, this Xbox controller is made with one-third of the plastics using reclaimed, or “regrind” materials to celebrate Earth Day.

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Microsoft claims that the controller’s partially-recycled nature has a “unique look and feel” with earth-toned colors throughout. The materials used to create the regrind resins are claimed to be “automotive headlight covers, plastic water jugs, and CDs.”

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition will retail for $84.99, officially releasing on April 18. The controller will come bundled with an Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack. We’ve dropped some handy pre-order links below.

However, the unique materials are not the only thing that separates this controller from the rest. This is also only available as a “standard” Xbox pad and does not extend to the Xbox Elite Controller series.

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A finish inspired by nature

Xbox Controller on a forest background

The Remix Special Edition Xbox controller is inspired by “natural landscapes”. There is a bright green used on the D-pad and shoulder buttons, and a patchwork-style colorway on the back. You also get a topographic texture on the bumpers and triggers, giving it a nice unique look.

This provides the controller with a unique look that not everyone will love, but the one-third reclaimed materials might teeter the more environmentally-conscious gamers over to purchasing this controller over a different, non-reclaimed model. Due to being a “Special Edition”, we’re not expecting this controller to hang around for too long after it goes on sale. Luckily for you, we’ve popped some handy links to pick up the controller for yourself, once it finally launches on April 18.

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