Meta Quest Pro gets huge $400 discount in surprise price cut

meta quest pro

It seems that the Meta Quest Pro is already hitting a massive price reduction after a muted response. Now’s your chance to grab this headset for much less.

The Meta Quest Pro has had $400 slashed from it at major retailers, like Amazon and Best Buy. After a divisive launch in 2022, the Quest Pro was meant to be a huge deal for those in commercial and industrial spaces.

However, the VR headset was met with complaints over its price for the performance, as well as anticipation for the rumored Quest 3.

Best Buy and Amazon have seen the headset receive a $400 reduction, bringing the price down to a more appetizing $1099. There’s no time set for the price cut, but we’d suspect it would last throughout the week at the very least.

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Why is the Meta Quest Pro on sale?

Our speculation leads us to believe that the Facebook owner’s attempt to bring their business-focused device hasn’t landed as well as they’d hoped, though the company has yet to

A steep entry cost and performance that doesn’t surpass the Quest 2 properly could be major factors, leading to Meta mandating the $400 price cut.

The success of the Meta Quest 2 has led people to wait for the 3, rather than opt to pay up for the bigger version. We’ve no indication as to when the Quest 3 will actually launch, but the Pro does give us some major insights into what Meta intends to bring to the smaller headset.

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This includes a full-color passthrough video, so you can see the world around you and continued support for their updated controllers.

Despite the muted reception to the Quest Pro, it has earnt some praise on YouTube for the tech that it has crammed into the headset.