Meta Quest Pro officially announced, coming October 25 for $1499

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The Meta Quest Pro has been officially announced, the high-end VR headset will launch on October 25 2022 for $1499.

The Meta Quest Pro has been officially announced during Meta Connect 2022. been hotly anticipated for months, and during Meta Connect 2022, the company finally officially announced its brand-new high-end VR headset.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that the headset was created for “collaboration and creativity”.

Previously known as Project Cambria, the Meta Quest Pro seeks to deliver a high-end VR experience. It has with both face and eye-tracking baked into the headset. The Meta Quest Pro will also make use of a brand-new, sleek-looking design and Qualcomm XR2+ processor.

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The Quest Pro will undoubtedly be more powerful than the Quest 2, and will also tap into a higher-end market. In addition to sporting a brand-new look, it’ll have a 120Hz refresh rate, allowing for buttery smooth operation.

Meta Quest Pro is the future of mainstream VR

Priced at $1499, and releasing on October 25, the headset looks to dominate the VR market with higher-end features. The headset will have a high-resolution display, in addition to using brand-new pancake lenses. These new features will make for a better VR experience, which will help the front of the headset look slightly less bulky.

The headset will also come with brand-new controllers, which will rely on infrared tracking cameras. This is a huge step up, as it will also allow for more accurate hand tracking throughout the experience, too.

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We expect that the Meta Quest Pro will also be compatible with all of the titles currently in the ecosystem. So, your purchases will carry over to the brand-new headset. Luckily, there are already oodles of games to dig into.

Its price point may be divisive to some users, but it is also positioned firmly in the high-end. For those looking for something cheaper, check out Quest 2. The Meta Quest 3 is still some time away, so be sure to stay tuned for more.