Megalodon launches gaming keyboard that looks like a Nintendo Switch

Console 64 Megalodon keyboardMegalodon

Keyboard manufacturer Megalodon has a few products with cheeky inspirations from Nintendo, but the latest literally looks like a Switch.

Custom keyboards and macro pads are all the rage these days. Interest has flown from just getting something great to type on, to now devices have more. Megalodon is a company that has seen that opportunity and flown with it.

However, their latest creation seems to be doing a lot more than taking inspiration. The Console 64 features two ends that can be bought in an assortment of colors, as well as Red and Blue. Yes, like the Nintendo Switch.

Though, it appears the dream for a complete recreation of the Gamecube Keyboard controller is shortlived, as the two ends don’t house enough buttons. The two ends are made up of shortcut buttons, a joystick, and a rotary knob for various settings across your PC.

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No switches included

Megalodon obviously know the market they’re in, so the keyboard doesn’t actually come with any switches or keycaps. The storefront it’s featured on does recommend some switches to purchase with it. You’ll want to take that into account if you’re in for the novelty.

Niche keyboards like this require some sort of knowledge about the type of switches you like. For instance, some of our favorites are MX Yellows. They provide enough resistance while typing, and a hollow sound that doesn’t thunder through the house.

For something like this, we’d probably recommend looking into the variety of switches out there, like Blues and Reds. Blues will give you a satisfying click, while Reds are excellent for beginners and those that want a simple, straightforward switch.

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Megalodon is currently selling the Console 64 for $198 via It comes with no switches, but Drop does sell a massive range.

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