Mavix M9 Ergonomic gaming chair review: Epitome of comfort

mavix M9 headrest with the brand name on itMavix

Mavix has taken over the influencer scene with their popular ergonomic chairs over the last couple of years, but are they really worth it? 

As gaming, content creation, and work-from-home jobs continue to grow in popularity — so are users’ preferences in chairs.

Racing-style gaming chairs were all the rage when websites like Twitch and YouTube were beginning to pop off, but consumers now are continuing to push for more comfortable seating options.

Mavix launched in November 2020, and quickly secured a place in the chair industry as they formed partnerships with big-name influencers like Valkyrae and Professional Call of Duty player for Optic Gaming, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

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We’ve got our hands on the Mavix M9, fully outfitted with their new FS 360 armrests and Elemax cooling, heat, and massage unit that sells for a combined price of $1,200.

With its premium price tag, is the Mavix M9 ergonomic gaming chair worth the money?


Mavix Assembly VideoMavix
Instead of a printed instruction booklet, Mavix has opted for assembly videos on its website.

Assembly of the Mavix M9 is definitely not the worst thing this reviewer has ever experienced, but it could be better. Every part of the chair was clearly labeled and neatly packed into its almost perfectly square box. Paired with easy-to-handle, lightweight pieces, the Mavix M9 is really easy to assemble.

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However, It would have been even easier if they included assembly instructions inside of the box. Instead, they require you to scan a QR code (or go straight to the website) and watch an assembly video online.

It’s understandable that they probably want to save money on printing out a manual for every chair. But, the work you have to put in just to find out how to assemble it isn’t exactly synonymous with its thousand-dollar price point.

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On top of that, we expected the chair to arrive even slightly more assembled than it did. A commonly purchased ergonomic chair in this price range is the Herman Miller Aeron, which arrives at your door assembled right out of the box.

Secretlab’s Titan Evo 2022 comes in at nearly $400 less than the Mavix M9, and it arrived with high-density foam packaging and nearly the entire seat base was assembled right out of the box.

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mavix design featuresMavix
The Mavix M9 is jam-packed with features

While the Mavix M9 doesn’t exactly win in the assembly department, its design is definitely something to write home about.

The M9’s seat base is made up of their in-house designed Cool Gel M-Foam which is covered by Mavix’s M-breeze fabric the same fabric that covers the top half of the backrest) while the lumbar support is covered in a high-quality multilayered woven nylon that they call “Advanced Tensile Recovery Fabric.”

A common issue with ergonomic chairs is that the lumbar support doesn’t always have adjustable height, but Mavix conquered that problem with its adjustable height backrest.

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It is worth mentioning, that if you’re a user with a bit of “junk in the trunk,” you might find yourself accidentally adjusting the backrest when getting up from the chair at first. However, the Mavix M9’s seat base adjusts forward and backward — so you may be able to find an adjustment that prevents any issues.

A 127-degree recline angle, adjustable head and neck support, and rollerblade-style locking wheels round out the Mavix M9’s design. It all ends up feeling like a throne fit for royalty.

We would have liked to see more of the Mavix frame made out of metal to support more weight, but they’ve definitely built a solid chair regardless.

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Mavix M9 with a blue bottom halfMavix
The Mavix M9 is the epitome of comfort.

As soon as you sit down, you’ll feel the immediate comfort of Mavix’s in-house designed seat, made out of what the company has dubbed ‘Cool Gel M-Foam,’ which is covered by ‘M-breeze fabric,’ which is also specific to Mavix chairs.

While the majority of mesh-backed ergonomic chairs aren’t anything to write home about, the ATR fabric developed by Mavix really elevates the M9’s lumbar support to a whole other level. Not only was it breathable (which prevented us from sweating during an eight-hour day), but it saved our back while doing it.

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Combining all of their in-house designed materials with the adjustable seat base and backrest really elevates the Mavix M9’s comfort. Sitting at a computer for eight hours a day in quickly became a breeze, without any back, butt, or leg pain at any point during our testing.

Mavix FS 360 arms

FS360 ArmrestsMavix
The FS 360 Armrests might be perfect for someone, but it sure isn’t us.

Mavix is one of the first companies to beyond the industry standard ‘4D’ adjustable armrests, as they created their FS 360 armrest option.

As the name implies, the FS 360 armrests rotate a full 360, with two pivot points that genuinely allow you to place your armrests wherever is the most comfortable whether you’re gaming, streaming, or working from home. The FS 360 armrests also have the ability to lock in the traditional position, in case users sometimes want to stick with that.

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In our testing, we weren’t a fan of the constant movement and didn’t really find a specific use for the endless positions we could put them in. They’re also made out of plastic, and when paired with the two pivot points… we can see the FS 360 armrests breaking sooner than later.

Luckily, they’re a special item when ordering a chair, so it’s easy to just stick with the industry standard 4D armrests.

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Mavix Elemax Cooling, Heat, and Massage

Mavix M9 with ElemaxMavix
Having the Elemax turned on during the day makes us never wanna leave our chair.

Another one of Mavix’s accessories is the fairly straightforward Elemax Cooling, Heat, and Massage unit.

The 9.5″x14.5″ mesh-covered pad houses two fans as well as a heating and cooling element that fits inside of the M9’s lumbar support. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery and comes with the proper cable to keep it charged. To help with the cooling, Mavix provides a molded back cover to help circulate the air.

It does a really good job at every feature provided, and the only negative we could find about the Elemax is simply how weird it feels to charge your chair.

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Should you buy it?

The Mavix M9 is definitely a solid contender when it comes to ergonomic chairs.

It does have a premium price point that keeps it away from those with a lower budget, but the company offers a variety of other chairs to make up for it.


Even though the M9 comes in at over one thousand dollars before adding accessories like the Elemax and FS 360 armrests, you really can’t go wrong with the chair.

We’d like to see a metal frame, a better build quality on the FS 360 armrests, and an improved assembly process before we can consider it a truly perfect chair, though.

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You can buy the Mavix M9 directly now, including Elemax Cooling, and FS360 armrests here.

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