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Marques Brownlee reveals ultimate iOS 14 iPhone Home Screen customization

Published: 26/Sep/2020 17:15

by Andy Williams


Tech YouTuber, Marques ‘MKBHD’ Brownlee, has unveiled his ultimate three-tier setup guide for iOS 14, which caters for beginner, intermediate and advanced iPhone users.

On September 16, Apple rolled out iOS 14 to the public. Offering more customization than ever before, the latest software update is one that’s been welcomed with open arms by iPhone users at large.

Overall, the new update gives iPhone users a more user-friendly experience, with notable changes such as the introduction of Widgets, pinned conversations in Messages and the ability to shelf those infrequently used Apps into your ‘App Library’ — no more cluttered Home Screens!

But it’s the Android-esque level of customization which has iPhone users excited, with some Pokemon fans completely overhauling their Home Screen with their favorite characters.


rotom phone in pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company
Pokemon fans have been having a field day with their newfound iOS 14 customization.

iOS 14 customization for all iPhone users

Marques Brownlee has given iPhone users of all abilities a tutorial of how to customize their Home Screen, with Widgets being the driving force behind the newfound level of modification within iOS 14.

Brownlee aptly labeled each tier, reflective of the level of customization on offer. Level 1 offers users the essential level of customization, with the Weather, Batteries and App Library offering the core level of tidying up a cluttered Home Screen.

Level 2 makes use of specialist third-party Widgets — such as Widgeridoo and Color Widgets — to provide a deeper level of customization via their unique UIs. And finally, Level 3 provides users with the ability to completely color-coordinate their Home Screen, from App icons to the Widget themselves, using Siri Shortcuts.


Brownlee’s recommended App icon customization allows users the ability to replace the icon itself with an image of their choosing, as well offering the function to leave the name field blank for a “cleaner look,” as the YouTuber states.

While strictly speaking, there isn’t an in-built facility to customize App, Marques’ Siri Shortcuts workaround offers those looking to take their customization to the next level, a prime opportunity.

Of course, as more third-party Widgets are developed and iOS 14 matures, there’s no end to the amount of customization that’ll be on offer with the latest software update. Meaning that Android users will have one less thing to brag about.