Marques Brownlee explains if it’s worth upgrading to new iPhone 13

marques brownlee holding iphone 13YouTube: Marques Brownlee

The new iPhone 13 lineup from Apple is just days away, and tech guru Marques Brownlee has given a detailed video on the new phone, and whether it’s worth upgrading.

Every year, Apple rolls out the new line of their flagship product, as well as their iPads, Macbooks, and more, always expanding on their range of products.

One big question that’s always up for debate, however, is whether it’s worth upgrading to the new iPhone. Every year, Apple fans find themselves stuck in the dilemma of deciding whether it’s worth spending the extra money to buy the new phone.

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The iPhone 13 line is no different, but fortunately, Brownlee is around to help us make the decision, with his thorough research into each version of the phone.

iPhone 13 ProApple
The new iPhone 13 arrives September 24.

On September 24, the iPhone 13 line (including the Mini, Pro and Pro Max) will officially release, and while pre-orders will no doubt have been flying, there are still some deciding whether they should upgrade.

As Brownlee explains, it comes down to one key factor: which phone you currently have. “It’s such a minor set of changes that I think if you were thinking about getting the 13 specifically, then you might consider a freshly discounted iPhone 12, because the phone is so similar.”

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That wasn’t all, though. He continued: “With the [iPhone 12] Mini, the battery life was bad, so maybe you’ll get the iPhone 13 Mini for the battery life. But overall, for people with older phones like the iPhone X or iPhone 8, this represents a solid, good buy again.”

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So, with Brownlee noting that the changes between the iPhone 12 and 13 were minimal, it’s definitely food for thought for those who currently have the iPhone 12.

If you’ve been waiting on an upgrade for a while though, it looks like now might be the time — but a discounted iPhone 12 could be the cheaper way to move up without paying the full price of a new iPhone 13.

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