Man reveals how he accidentally leaked Logitech Yeti GX days before launch

Yeti GX leak logitechReddit: Longjumping_Tea_4186

A man on Reddit has revealed what went down that led him to accidentally leak the Logitech Yeti GX microphone just days before the official launch.

It’s safe to say that companies around the world are almost always releasing new product, whether they involve the latest gaming hardware or a hydration drink flavor.

Sometimes, however, that product gets released to the public before its announced and Logitech is one of the latest companies dealing with that.

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A man on Reddit has revealed how he accidentally leaked the Logitech Yeti GX on Reddit days before the microphone’s launch.

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Man buys Yeti GX from Target, asks Reddit for tech help

On September 16, 2023, the customer posted a photo of the then-unannounced microphone asking what he just purchased. Ready to trash it because it wouldn’t work, he asked the LogitechG subreddit for help.

“Picked this up an Target today for $130. I can’t get it to connect to Ghub at all. Also I cannot find any information at all on this model. I can’t even find it on the target app anymore since I bought it.

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“Someone please help. Is this a new product or something? Discontinued? I can’t find it anywhere to troubleshoot. My max won’t recognize it. Trash?”

Users quickly agreed that it was the Yeti GX, and the Redditor revealed more information about how he received it.

In one comment, he mentioned he found it on the Target app and went to the local store to see if it was there. After not finding it, an associate grabbed it from the back.

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“I probably should mention the store associate got it from the back. I originally saw it on the target app…went to the store…didn’t see it on a shelves Shows an associate the app. Sales guy says np I’ll go grab that for you and I was on my way,” he said.

Once he brought it home and realized that it wasn’t working with any of his computers, he took to Reddit to find out what he was doing wrong.

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Luckily, the Yeti GX was officially announced on September 19, 2023, and you can check out our review.

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