Man arrested for smuggling 6000 microSD cards inside of bike

airport and microsd cards that were smuggled

A man has been caught trying to smuggle 6000 microSD cards into China by lining the inside of a bike. This is yet another case in the ever-creative smuggling rackets in the country.

Chinese authorities have arrested a man trying to smuggle 6000 microSD cards on the inside of his bike. Dubbed “suspicious” by customs, the bike was x-rayed and searched.

Within the seat and lining of the bike’s connecting joints, the man had stuffed around 6000 microSD cards in an attempt to take advantage of Hong Kong’s tax exemption on goods.

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By buying away from the Chinese mainland – which has a 13% tax – you can get the goods far cheaper and, presumably, make a bigger profit once sold. It’s not mentioned what the man intended to do with the microSD cards.

Suspicious man caught smuggling 6000 microSD cards in a bike

Chinese officials also released an image of the x-ray and the box containing the retrieved 6000 microSD cards. With the devices being exceptionally small, it appears that it was his own awkwardness while walking through customs that was the major tip-off to authorities on the border.

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bike with microsd cards

Shared on the Chinese social media site Weibo, the report stated that he “often looked away and acted suspiciously.”

The man, who has since been detained, was only caught due to the authorities at the border control noticed his suspicious behavior while bringing the bike through the nothing to declare section of the airport.

microsd cards

There’s no word on when the man will be released, but it’s not unexpected for them to be reprimanded in some capacity for the act of smuggling in electronics.

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There’s been a rise in certain cases to do with these wild exploits of smugglers getting caught. Previously, someone was caught with a fake pregnant belly. The fake belly had over 200 CPUs and iPhones inside. Another man was also recently caught claiming that over 58 boxes of iPhones and iPads were for “personal use”.

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