Logitech G teams up with Herman Miller to create the Vantum Gaming Chair

Logitech Herman Miller VantumLogitech G/Herman Miller

Logitech G has teamed back up with Herman Miller to create the Vantum, a gaming chair built from the ground up with exquisite ergonomics.

Over two years ago, Logitech G partnered up with ergonomic chair company Herman Miller and designed their own branded version of the Herman Miller Embody gaming chair.

Since then, they’ve even begun partnering with some of the internet’s biggest influencers like TimTheTatman, providing the YouTube Gaming star with his very own custom branded Embody.

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Now, the two iconic brands have teamed up again to bring gamers another highly ergonomic gaming chair that they’ve built from the ground up — The Logitech G x Herman Miller Vantum.

Logitech G Herman MillerLogitech G/Herman Miller
The Logitech G x Herman Miller Vantum Gaming Chair launches at just $995.

Logitech G and Herman Miller launch the Vantum

Centered on versatility, adaptability, and purposefully built for gamers from the ground up, the Vantum stays true to Herman Miller’s industry-leading ergonomics.

The Vantum Gaming Chair was decided to place users in an upright position as soon as they sit down to play their favorite game thanks to its adapted seat pad and “PostureFit” which provides back and pelvis support during long sessions.

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They didn’t stop there, however, as they also added a headrest to the Vantum that’s designed to support the area where the base of a gamer’s head meets the spine — limiting fatigue while sitting.

Logitech G Herman Miller Vantum backsideLogitech G/Herman Miller
The headrest is the biggest addition to the Vantum Gaming Chair.

“One of the patterns our teams noted during our research is that gamers require versatility,” said Jon Campbell, General Manager of Gaming at Herman Miller.

“A strong active posture is critical for gameplay, but having an equally supported, reclined position for moments of relaxation is key for modern gamers who not only play games but watch streams and movies, chat with friends, engage in virtual events, or just need a moment to kick back after a stressful match.”

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The Vantum Gaming Chair is now available on Herman Miller’s website for $995 and is backed by the company’s infamous 12-year warranty.

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