LG releasing automatic OLED flexible gaming monitor


Bendable OLED is all the rage these days, with LG launching their flexible gaming monitor at the same time as Corsair.

LG’s latest gaming monitor will feature the same – or similar – bendable panel that is being fitted in Corsair’s Xeneon Flex monitor announced earlier this week.

The monitor is called the LG Flex and will feature a true OLED panel, rather than the one provided by LG to Corsair for their new monitor.

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This means that the LG Flex will top out at 4K 120Hz, rather than the Xeneon’s 240Hz. Corsair opted to go with the W-OLED, which will provide a better refresh rate at the cost of quality from the panel.

LG’s Flex monitor will come with a remote control to avoid the manual flexing that the Corsair monitor needs to enter the curved mode.

Along with this, the panel measures 42-inch and supports Variable Refresh Rate, Nvidia G-Sync, and AMD FreeSync for smoother images. On the back, it also supports HDMI 2.1.

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On the software front, users will be able to play both a game and watch something at the same time with the built-in apps. The software will also allow you to shrink your games down to 32 and 27-inches.

Flex LG gif

LG has been hot on the heels of its competitor, Samsung, in terms of producing a wide assortment of monitors that seem to fit almost any niche.

Video editors have gotten a vertically widescreen, while office workers and gaming enthusiasts have been treated to a bounty of alternative choices over the last couple of years.

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There’s no release date or price, but considering the technology inside, it might be a little more on the expensive side. It’s going to be on show at IFA in Germany this week.

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