JBL Quantum 360 X/P review: Reliable headset ticks every box


How does the JBL Quantum 360 X/P stack up against other headsets on the market, including those already in JBL’s existing range of quality devices?

We’ve been using the JBL Quantum 360 for over a week now and have put it through all the usual checks and tests we try when reviewing a new headset from a leading manufacturer. Most headsets, even those of exceptional quality, tend to fall short in at least one particular area, be it design, sound or mic quality, or set-up.

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Throughout all our time with it, the JBL Quantum 360 has continued to be a reliable little workhorse and hasn’t let us down once in any area.

This is a rare occurrence, but it’s also quite exciting for those in the market for a new wireless headset for their Xbox console. Below, we’ll go through each of the headset’s main features, and assess how well it performs in terms of sound, microphone quality, and more, before letting you know if we’d recommend it to most gamers, or just a select group.

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Key Specs

  • Connectivity: 2.4G wireless, 5.2 Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Driver diameter: 50mm
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Wired Compatibility: PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac
  • Wireless Compatibility: PC, PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch, MAC
  • Bluetooth: PC, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac
  • Features: Discord certified, Game Chat Audio Dial, Voice-Focus Boom Mic
  • Price: $109.99

What’s in the box: JBL Quantum 360 X/P headset, 2.4 GHz Wireless dongle, calibration microphone, USB charging cable, boom microphone cover, carrying bag


The JBL Quantum 360 reminds us of the Xbox 360 but is for more recent consoles.

The black and green colorway of the JBL Quantum 360 instantly screams Xbox, which is what they were designed to be used with, so they won’t look out of place next to your other Xbox gear, be it third-party or otherwise. The green is subtle though rather than in your face, and when you’re wearing the headset it can only really be spotted on the foam headrest that cushions the top of your head. While we’re on the subject, this also makes them incredibly comfy to wear over long periods of time.

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The headphones also gently cup your ears and all controls are easily accessible on the headset itself, be it sound volume, mic volume, the mute button, or the power/wireless connection button. Out of all the headphones we’ve used, the JBL Quantum 360 features one of our favorite-ever power buttons. This may sound silly, but there’s just something ergonomically satisfying about using it. The click on or off is accompanied by a couple of beats to indicate which status it’s been set to, and not only is it fun to do, it’s helpful when operating and wearing the headset.

The power button also doubles up as a wireless connection button too, and by sliding the button slightly past power-on, you can re-sync the wireless connection. We found this helpful on a few occasions when the headset had fallen out of sync with another device, a light slide of this button and we soon heard the word “connected” without needing to manually recalibrate the device.

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The headset also features a jack port for the attachable microphone and the option to plug in a USB-C cable, either for wired use or charging.

The JBL Quantum 360 is the latest wireless headset in the range.

Sound Quality

We’re really impressed by the sound quality of the JBL Quantum 360 in wireless mode. Some headphones do lose some audio quality when wireless, although the gap is getting smaller as technology improves. We actually didn’t notice any difference in sound quality between wireless and wired modes which is a testament to JBL’s engineering.

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The sound was crisp and consistent and it was very easy to lose ourselves in the atmosphere of the game we were playing. As always, horror games like Alien Isolation and Resident Evil Village benefit from over-the-ear headphone gaming more than most titles, but if you’re looking to shut off from the outside world and become engrossed in any game, the JBL Quantum 360 will serve you well.

Those looking for a higher-end experience may be more suited to the much more expensive JBL Quantum 910 model, but for those looking for exceptional sound quality at an affordable price, the JBL Quantum 360 is ideal. We also tested the headphones on an iPhone and Nintendo Switch and found that the quality was exceptional when listening to music, and the headset made a few hours of playing Octopath Traveller 2 feel extra magical.

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Microphone Quality

We tested the microphone on a video blog as well as during a few games such as Warzone 2 and Elden Ring. Our teammates in both games confirmed they could hear us loud and clear and the quality of our voice on the vlog was clearer than when using our previous headset.

The microphone can be added or removed using a jack connection at any time, so if you want to have some solitary gaming without being sociable, the JBL Quantum 910 makes that easy. It also comes with a boom microphone cover which we’d recommend attaching before use. It’s entirely optional, but we preferred it with than without.

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However, it can potentially fall off while in transit, but in all honesty, this is an issue that plagues all mic covers rather than being exclusive to the JBL Quantum sets. We’d caution against eating or drinking near the microphone cover, as it’s liable to get dirty. Those listening to you are also likely to hear every slurp or crunch too.

JBL 360JBL 360
The headset is incredibly comfy and sounds great.

Should you buy it?

The JBL Quantum 360 is a solid headset at an affordable price. It’s not going to appeal to perfectionists who are used to spending over $200 on a gaming headset, but those looking for a quality mid-range product will be well served.

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The verdict – 5/5

We’re big fans of the JBL Quantum 360, from its name and black-on-green design, both of which reminds us of an earlier Xbox console, to its sound quality and features. The headset successfully combines comfort with practicality and we’re struggling to find any fault with it. It even finds a way of making mundane things – like powering on and connecting to other wireless devices – more enjoyable.

Those who are used to top-range headsets will consider this a step down from the much more expensive models – even the ones within JBL’s own range. Although those looking for a new, sleek, modern headset, that’s also incredibly comfy for some Xbox gaming and beyond, will find a lot to love with the JBL Quantum 360. Did we mention we love turning it on and off?

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