Intel i9-13900KS revealed: Where to buy the first 6GHz CPU

Intel Core i9-13900KS in front of a spedometerPexels/Intel

It’s officially the world’s fastest desktop CPU out of the box, and Intel has proved it can work with off-the-shelf parts.

Every MHz is precious when developing a CPU. As we’ve gotten faster and faster, Intel and AMD have run into a little bit of a wall. The need for speed is a tough cookie to crack, but it seems Intel might have found a way through.

The i9-13900KS is a variation on the flagship model of the Raptor Lake lineup, offering 6GHz out of the box. That means no overclocking needs to happen, and no liquid nitrogen is required to ensure it doesn’t burst into flames.

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It’s also not the first time Intel has managed to see its chips run this fast, as the i9-13900K managed to hit a peak of over 8GHz. However, this is the first that can do it with no special requirements.

In a video, Intel managed to get 6GHz working on two individual cores, with some Intel indicating that it’d need to be kept cool at 70 degrees celsius to function in this capacity.

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However, the massive caveat of this raw power, is that it will require 320W of power at its absolute peak. Combining the 13900KS with the current top hardware available from Nvidia, you’re looking at a whopping 1500W power supply to just ensure the overhead will save you.

Even at its base power requirement of 150W, it’s a ravenous beast. It clocks in more than the 13900K, which requires 125W.

This isn’t to say AMD is now out of the running, but the rumored specs for the upcoming 3D versions of their 7000-series CPUs appear to be lagging behind.

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Intel i9-13900KS specs

SpecIntel i9-13900KSRyzen 9 7950X3D
Base/Boost clock3.0/6.04.2/5.7
L2/L3 Cache 68MB (32+36)144MB (16+128)
Power Base/Peak150W/320W120/162W

However, AMD’s chips still haven’t launched yet and as such, haven’t been compared in a real-world setting. While the 13900KS is legitimately faster than the currently known specs for the AMD 3D line, we’d still hedge our bets when the testing comes around.

Where to buy the i9-13900KS

As of right now, the only place with the i9-13900KS in stock is Newegg and Micro Center. It costs $699.

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