Intel A770 GPU actually gets price and release date

Intel Arc Limited EditionIntel

Intel’s latest announcements of their new kit has finally seen the much talked about Intel Arc GPUs, A770 and A750, finally get a date and price.

After weeks of speculation, videos discussing the various cards, and plenty of graphs, it seems as though Intel is finally ready to launch the new Arc GPUs into the world.

We have not only a release date, but also some starting prices for the long-awaited Intel GPUs.

The Intel A770 GPU is coming soon

While the A380 has been on sale for a while, we’ve only just now gotten the prices and dates for the release of Intel’s flagship cards, the A770 and A750. Coming October 12, and starting at $329, Intel will be releasing their top-end GPU for consumers.

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Intel Arc 770Intel

Through its advertising and marketing phase, Intel has compared its flagship to Nvidia’s budget-conscious option, the RTX 3060, which has raised a few eyebrows.

The RTX 3060, while a capable and truly good card, arrived two years ago. Intel appears to still be wanting to tackle that bracket, despite the fact that the 4060 is on the horizon.

Weirdly, Intel appears to be gunning for raytracing performance in a lot of their marketing graphs, something that budget-friendly builds wouldn’t be considering all that much going forward.

The main issue surrounding the Intel GPUs right now is that they don’t have a lot of support for older games outside the DirectX 12 framework, and that they’re coming out just as AMD and Nvidia are refreshing their cards.

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That said, we fully expect Intel GPUs to still get picked up as Nvidia’s cards stay static in price after a drop and people anticipate the upcoming Radeon refresh with RDNA 3. After the turn on Nvidia from the community regarding price points, it might be a fair fight after all.

Intel will be launching the Arc A770 16GB and 8GB, starting at $329 on October 12.