How to watch Apple ‘Spring Loaded’ event stream on April 20

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Apr 20, 2021
Apple Spring Loaded event logo and graphic

Apple are holding another event on April 20, with the name ‘Spring Loaded’, but what’s it all about? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Every few months, Apple will reveal what they’re bringing to market next through their Apple event streams. These have shown everything from the expansion of the App Store to new iPhones as well as new Macbooks. 

Their last event, named One More Thing, came back in November of 2020 as they showed off the newest line of Macbooks following the new iPhone 12 announcements. 

Now, they’re getting ready to hold another event called Spring Loaded, but there’s a bit of confusion about what they’re actually going to show. 

Apple Sring loaded event invite
The invite to the event went out to Apple users in mid-April.

Apple Spring Loaded event stream

You’ll be able to watch the event on all the usual avenues – social media, YouTube, and beyond. 

It’ll also be shown on, likely with the usual option to check out the new products and possibly even pre-order them as soon as the stream comes to its conclusion. You can also watch the stream on YouTube:


Apple Spring Loaded event start time

The next event was actually leaked in the first week of April after iOS users started asking Siri when the next Apple event would be. The voice assistant quickly responded April 20, and that was that. 

A few days later, April confirmed that it wasn’t a malfunction or anything like that, and that they would be holding the Spring Loaded event on Tuesday, April 20 at 10 am PDT/ 1 pm ET/6 pm BST/7 pm CET.

As ever, the graphics and name for the event don’t really reveal too much and there’s plenty of speculation about what they’re going to show. 

Apple Spring Loaded event rumors & leaks

As for what is going to be shown at the event, well, as we’ve said, it’s not quite clear. Rumors have pointed to the main point being around new iPads, given that the only real Apple thing we’ve not seen for a while. 

The same goes for an upgrade to the iMac. The new Apple Silicon has already been bundled into the new Macbooks, but the iMac was conspicuous in it’s absence last time out. 

We could get some new AirPods shown, but that’s about it too. It’s extremely unlikely that either the iPhone or Apple Watch feature in the end, seeing as they’re usually kept off until the October and November events. 

We’ll keep this post updated as announcements are made.