How to game share on Xbox Series X and S

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Looking for how to game share on Xbox? Check out our comprehensive guide so you can share your love (and gaming library) with your friends and family. 

Gaming could be an expensive hobby. However, with Game Share on Xbox, you can borrow games from friends and family to try before you buy. 

Apart from games, it also allows you to share Xbox Live Gold Memberships and, in turn, offers you access to Microsoft’s Games with Gold service. That said, Game Sharing only works with digital content. For physical games, the process is pretty simple; you need to hand over the physical disc to your friend.

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Game sharing is available on the following platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Follow the detailed guide below to set up game sharing on your account.

What can you share on Xbox?

You can share pretty much anything, as long as your account has the Xbox console as your home device. This includes games from an Xbox Gold subscription and Game Pass games.

If you happen to sign into a new console and untie that account from the previous console, all access to games won’t carry over.

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How to set up game share and home Xbox

It’s super easy to get going, as all you need to do when setting up your account on an Xbox console, is to ensure it has been set as your ‘home Xbox’. If you happen to sign into a new console but do not set it as your home Xbox, you’ll still be able to share games while the account is online.

When logging into the Xbox, if you don’t choose ‘Lock it down’, the console will be made your home device. If you log in and it hasn’t been set but you want it to, you just need to go to:

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Settings > General > Personalization > My home Xbox

You have five switches through the year and will have to get in touch with Microsoft to replenish this if you happen to go over.

Once you’ve done this, your account is tied to that console, and everyone is able to access the games on your system regardless of whether them being subscribed or not.

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