How to factory reset your PlayStation 5 and PS4

factory reset ps5 and ps4 with a worker in frontPexels/Sony

Moving on from your PlayStation 5? Decided that it is time to sell up and find greener pastures? Here’s how to factory reset your console.

Sometimes every person parts with their console, for one reason or another. The long-lost DS and massive collection of games that we traded for Xbox stuff in 2009, still stings to this day.

However, handing in old consoles is much different from handing in your PS4 and PS5. With so much information stored, wiping it clean is better than hoping GameStop manages to. Buying V-Bucks is one thing, having to deal with fraudulent V-Bucks purchases is another. So, it’s always best to ensure that your console is squeaky-clean afterward.

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How to factory reset a PS5

It is time to properly wipe your PlayStation 5 console. Any non-cloud saves and data will be lost in this process, and the console will, as the name indicates, be completely factory reset.

First, head into the home screen of your PS5.

Then go to Settings > System > System Software > Reset Options.

Outside of the factory reset option, you’ll be able to also erase anything the PS5 has ‘learned’ from your typing. You can also use Restore Default Settings to leave data intact but erase all changed settings.

The big red button, Reset Your Console, will be what we want here. Press the button and follow the on-screen prompts. After this is done, the console will be completely ready for you to sell or give away.

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How to factory reset a Playstation 4

On PS4, factory reset is hidden behind the Initialize menu. Go to Settings > Initialize and then the same options that appear on PS5 will also appear. Click Reset Your Console and the PS4 will erase all data available on the console, including your payment options.

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