Grab a bargain with HP’s Presidents Day sales: Laptops, PCs & more

Taft playing games on his HP PCLibrary of Congress

HP is running a Presidents Day sale over the next few days, with tonnes of gaming and PC gear getting some juicy discounts.

Printer extraordinaire HP is running a slightly early Presidents Day sale, including kit from HyperX and HP’s OMEN line of gaming gear.

Being from the UK, we can’t really imagine having a Prime Minister Day. It’d sort of be this pathetic parade while whoever has decided to be Prime Minister this time around has a feeble wave at the peasants.

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Meanwhile, America is celebrating every president, and you know what’s good about having the day off to think about William Taft? Thinking about William Taft while you play games on a brand spanking new computer.

The deals mostly focus on HP’s consumer products, like printers and non-gaming laptops, but there’s still a pretty deal to be had within the 40 products listed under ‘gaming’.

HP gaming deals: Desktop PCs, gaming monitors & HyperX peripherals

You won’t see any 40-series Nvidia GPUs or PCs with AMD’s 7000 series in them, but you’ll find plenty of 12th-gen Intel and 30-series capable computers amongst the mix. These are fantastic buys, especially when some of them are nearly $800 off.

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The last generation is still a worthy buy, and with DLSS helping you extend the life of a 3060 way beyond normal means, you’ll probably be playing on one of these PCs or laptops for a good while yet.

On top of this, there’s a bevy of monitors to be had, as the HP OMEN line is ideal for a budget entry into 1440p, high refresh rate gaming.

HyperX has also discounted their Naruto-branded mouse and mat, among their other devices, including pairs of earbuds and more.

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