GameStop reportedly leaked users’ credit card information and address

Gamestop user data leakedGameStop

Users on GameStop’s website have reported that the site is giving people access to other people’s orders including their credit card information and full address.

With Black Friday sales in full swing and Cyber Monday coming up, gamers have scoured every vendor they can think of in search of some good deals.

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However, those who have chosen to shop on GameStop’s website may have gotten more than they bargained for.

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A glitch with the site has been reported that gives users access to orders placed by other people, including their credit card information and address.

GameStop reportedly leaked users’ information

User information can end up being exposed as a result of a database getting hacked into and having its information purposely spilled, with a recent example being 2K having their user data stolen.

However, reports of the GameStop leaks haven’t been attributed to anyone hacking the site or attempting to steal user data. Rather, reports have indicated that it’s a problem with GameStop’s site itself, and that it’s entirely possible a glitch is making the site work in ways that weren’t intended.

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A select few GameStop users have reported the site loading other people’s information when trying to find their order history, something that was originally reported by Twitter user 3rikaYasmin and signal boosted by Wario64.

A few Twitter users in the tweet thread for Yasmin’s original tweet have spoken about having similar experiences with the site and having other people’s personal information pop up when trying to access their own account.

Not to mention, the original poster who reported the issue has multiple images showing the occurrence of what appears to be a bug with the site, loading the order and information of two different users.

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It is yet unclear what could be causing the issue. GameStop have yet to comment on the matter at the time of writing.

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