GameSir G7 Xbox Wired Controller review: Greatness with compromise

GameSir G7 whiteGameSir

Are wired controllers about to make a comeback? Well, that all depends on how badly you want to win. Here’s our GameSir G7 Xbox/PC Wired Controller review.

Since we first started playing games on a PS3 and Xbox 360, our relationship with wired controllers was over. This method of play was lost to history, a thing we used to play PS2 or the original Xbox in our bedroom as a teenager. The wire didn’t matter back then, as we were so close to the tiny screen to care anyway.

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By adulthood, we’ve traded our pokey bedroom for a larger living room and wireless controllers have just been the norm for three different console generations. Would a wire between the device and the couch make sense in 2022? It would have to be much longer than the ones we used to use – and give us a good reason to abandon the freedom of wireless controllers too.

Fortunately for us, that’s exactly what the GameSir G7 did.

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Key specs

  • Weight: 256g
  • Connectivity: USB-C to USB-A
  • Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, PC
  • Features: Interchangeable faceplates, rear button customization
  • Price: $44.99

Included in the box: Gamesir G7 Wired Controller, 3m USB-C to USB-A cable, additional faceplate.

GameSir G7GameSir
The GameSir G7 has white and black customizable faceplates.

Returning to wired gaming

The G7 looks a lot like the standard Xbox Series X|S controller at first glance. It came with customizable plates, some black and some white, which we appreciated, as it meant we could switch out the black plate for the white one to match our Series S console. It also came with spare plates just in case one succumbs to wear and tear – or should we want to make it match a Series X.

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We’re happy to report that our fears regarding the cable’s length were unwarranted. The cord stretches for three meters which worked well for an average size living room. We were able to play comfortably without worrying about dragging the console. For those like us, who are used to using wireless controllers, it feels a little jarring at first, but those who take competitive gaming seriously will soon see the advantage of bringing back the cord.

GameSir g7GameSir
The GameSir is for the pro gamer, but it also requires a wire.

Rapid response rate

In short, the G7 is designed to deliver a competitive advantage for those who play games like Call of Duty competitively. The GameSir G7 comes with a polling rate of 265Hz and a super low response time of >

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Of course, you’re only really going to feel the benefit of this if you’re already someone with an active interest in competitive gaming, particularly first-person shooters. Therefore, this is for players who are already in a class of their own when it comes to skill. Although, the G7 could be the tool you need to develop these skills and truly press your advantage.

We must admit, while we’re likely to return to wireless controllers for most gaming sessions, when it comes to competitive multiplayer this will be the controller we’ll use going forward. It’s hard to go back to a wireless controller once you’ve felt the small but significant advantage such a reduction in latency offers. And it is something you need to feel rather than something you can explain. You may not even notice until you go back to playing with a wireless controller.

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GameSir G7 whiteGameSir
The white faceplate is perfect for the Xbox Series S.

Pressing the advantage

The GameSir G7 also features two additional buttons on the back of the controller, M1, and M2. These can be mapped to your desired function and can become a helpful shortcut to actions you may need to normally reach further for. It also means you can move some functions around and essentially create a custom controller map that’s more suited to your method of play. This is especially helpful if you sometimes press the wrong button in the heat of battle, costing yourself precious seconds.

However, we found M1 and M2 so conveniently placed that we occasionally pressed them by accident instead. If we gripped the controller too tightly or ever flailed in panic, our fingers sometimes dug into these buttons. So, if you’re liable to lose your composure during a tense match, give careful thought to which actions you’ll map to these buttons. A stray grenade ruins everyone’s day.

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FPS and action gamers can also take advantage of the quick switch to Hair Trigger Mode by holding M+LT/RT buttons until the controller vibrates. This reminded us slightly of the PS5’s DualSense and really is a joy to use when playing Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2. When it comes to the G7, it’s all about stacking those advantages and racking up kills.

M1 M2 buttonsGameSir
The M1 and M2 buttons can be mapped to various actions.

Design and versatility

We also very much enjoyed the feel of the textured rubber grips on this controller. We may even prefer the feel of it to the original Xbox Series X|S controller and perhaps even the DualSense too. It just feels good from both an ergonomic and a comfort point of view.

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Finally, we also tested the GameSir G7 on our Xbox One console and PC and are happy to report it works just as well on this hardware too. When it comes to PC gaming with a controller, this will be the one we use from now on, even if the wireless controller continues to be our default for casual gaming on the Xbox.

Verdict – 4/5

To conclude, the GameSir G7 isn’t going to fully tempt us back to full-time gaming with a wired controller. However, when it comes to competitive multiplayer shooters, this is going to be the only controller we use from now on. If like us, you’re put off the prospect of returning to wired play, just ask yourself: how badly do you want to win?

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One of the only other faults with this device is that it uses industry-standard ALPS sticks, instead of more sophisticated hall-sensors.

This controller isn’t for the average gamer, it’s for those who understand that bringing back the wire is a blessing, not a hindrance. If you’ve got the skills and the reflexes to match, then this controller could help you reach the promised land.

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