Get Game Pass Ultimate membership for $10 off at Newegg

black friday game pass

You can probably get a full year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with $40 off if you play it smart with this limited-time deal on 3-month subscriptions.

Newegg’s Black Friday sales are well underway, with the various sellers on the site all vying for attention from shoppers.

Xbox’s Game Pass Ultimate is one of the included deals, with the 3-month version up for grabs at a cool $10 off. There’s a hard limit of three per customer. However, if you happen to have another Newegg account (and potentially another payment method), you could find yourself saving a serious amount of cash.

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As of right now, Ultimate costs a total of $180 a year directly from Microsoft. Popping three into your basket will bring you to a grand total of around $104.97 for nine months. Managing to get another order in, will see you get the full year for a total of $40 off.

To make the deal sweeter, if you’re a newcomer, you can still grab the first month for just a single dollar. With the Xbox Series S reduced by Microsoft for the holidays by $50, there’s no better time to jump in.

Game Pass Ultimate is, well, the ultimate version of the service. Not only do you get access to the full library currently available on Game Pass, but a basic version of EA Play as well. There’s also cloud gaming. If you’ve got a decent enough internet connection, a vast majority of the games will be with you on the go.

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When people say it’s the best deal in video games at the moment, they’re not lying. It really, really is.

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