Fujifilm Instax Pal is an adorable tiny camera for cute photos

Joel Loynds
Fujifilm Instax Pal

Fujifilm’s Instax brand is about to launch a super tiny camera, the Instax Pal, and it looks absolutely adorable.

The Instax brand is Fujifilm’s instant arm of its camera business. Fairly low-cost cameras that spit out fairly high-quality prints – like a Polaroid – for that instant satisfaction. Now, Fujifilm is downsizing its latest camera to just 41 grams (1.4 ounces).

Dubbed the Instax Pal, it’s more of a novelty camera than a serious photo-taking one. It comes with a small finger-sized hook presumably for keyrings or even lassoing onto your finger for a selfie. As it’s no bigger than a small ball, the printing capabilities have been omitted this time around.

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Fujifilm launches $200 Instax Pal bundle into novelty camera space

Instead, you’ll have to purchase one of Fujifilm’s Instax printers and connect it separately. You can also use the app to just download the images from the camera to your phone.

Thankfully, Fujifilm has seen through the issues and has launched a $200 bundle. Available via their website directly, it includes paper and the needed Instax printer. The camera is available separately too, but only in the UK as of right now.

Fujifilm Instax Pal back and front

From a specs perspective, it looks a little lackluster on paper until you take note of what it’s trying to achieve. The camera is aimed at a super casual crowd, so the 1/5-inch sensor doesn’t really matter. It probably won’t perform wonderfully in low-light conditions, but should be more than enough for those awkward party selfies and group photos.

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You can also use a microSD card for storing photos, but the camera without it can store 50 before it needs to be managed.

Despite not being for serious shoots, the Instax Pal comes with a standard 1/4 mounting thread, so it can be incorporated into just about any camera setup if you so choose.

It’s not the most capable camera at this size, as Insta360 also has the Go 3. This can shoot 1080p video, and be attached almost anywhere for some bizarre shots or point-of-view videos.

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Polaroid recently went the other way, and instead of stripping down their latest camera, the I-2 bolted on even more features. The self-printing camera comes with new ways to detect focus and lighting and even has a small OLED screen on it for settings. It also costs $599 compared to the lower-cost Fujifilm Instax Pal.

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