Forspoken’s system requirements might not be as bad as you think

Forspoken character with GPUSquare Enix / AMD

Forspoken’s system requirements are certainly no slouch. Demanding up to an RTX 4080, we’ll go through exactly what you’ll need to get this game up and running on your system.

Forspoken is Luminous Studio’s second title, and this time they are aiming for a huge technical showcase that will demand a lot of power from any system that it’s running on. For PC specifically, the Forspoken’s system requirements demand up to an RTX 4080 in order to run the game at 30 FPS in 4K. We’ve already previewed the game, and needless to say, our expectations are pretty high, though the demo did not impress some gamers, after some negative reception to some of its dialogue.

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Forspoken’s hefty system requirements

Forspoken System Requirements with various settings optionsSquare Enix

Forspoken’s system requirements can get pretty heavy. At its recommended specifications, it is reaching into recent mid-range specifications, and at the top-end, you’re going to be looking at getting a high-end GPU that’s fairly recent in order to get playable framerates.

Curiously, Square-Enix is recommending an RX 6800 XT for its Ultra preset, though the RTX 3080 should perform similarly to it. We believe that the recommendation there is if you are willing to play the game with ray tracing off.

With ray tracing on, an RTX 4080, or a more recent GPU like the RX 7900 XT will likely be the way to go. We’re expecting recent AMD hardware to run this title slightly better, as it is an AMD-sponsored title, too. AMD even went so far as to showcase the title at GDC last year.

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It’s important to note that the game will be running on the Luminous Engine, too. We’ve previously seen Final Fantasy XV released using the same engine on PCs, and it’s built incredibly well.

The engine seems to scale well with lower-end hardware, and we believe that similar system settings will be available, should you not fall into the “recommended” category. Just don’t expect to play it at full resolution, or have many of the bells and whistles turned on, either.

Forspoken will be the first DirectStorage game

Forspoken will also be the first game to be using DirectStorage, cutting the time between loading assets by making your SSD talk directly to your GPU. Though DirectStorage SSDs are fairly expensive, we expect this to become more mainstream in the coming years.

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Will Forspoken run on Steam Deck?

Though Forspoken system requirements demand at least a GTX 1060, it’s likely that you could get decent performance out of Valve’s portable powerhouse. That’s why we think that Forspoken will run on the Steam Deck, but you might have to do some tinkering in the settings.

Though the game currently does not have Deck Verified status. This is going off of the experience of many running Final Fantasy XV on the system, which is running on the same engine. If the game does get support, we’ll be sure to cover it.