Finalmouse teases gaming keyboard with built-in display

Finalmouse KeyboardTwitter / jakesucky

Finalmouse, known for its titular gaming mice, is designing a gaming keyboard with built-in display, with more details coming December 17, according to the company.

Finalmouse is primarily known for its gaming mice, which are often hyped to high heaven and immediately sold out. Their TenZ collab gaming mouse sold through $7m in sales in a single day. However, it appears that lofty claims of being the best gaming mouse have since been debunked.

Finalmouse is now branching out into new territory in what we suspect is a controlled leak. Their first-ever keyboard appears to be using an eye-catching display as its plate, with interactive skins that can be displayed directly on the keyboard. The “leak” claims that the display can be used using the software. The designs can either be a video or interactive. The interactive skins also claim to make use of Unreal Engine 5.

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The “leak” also states that the Finalmouse keyboard will have its own SoC powering this, presumably not to impact your PC. The specs of the board have a “2k / 4k display”, but no specific resolution has been given. They also claim that the board will have an 8khz polling rate, which would make for an extremely fast keyboard.

When it comes to the switches, there appears to be an option of traditional linears, or hall-sensing switches, like we saw on the Wooting 60HE. It appears that the keyboard will also be able to be used as a “Stream Deck” which essentially means macro keys. Dozens of keyboards have done this in the past.

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More information on December 17

Finalmouse is teasing that this is “just the tip of the iceberg” in response to the tweet. They go further to say that more information will be coming on December 17.

While Finalmouse does indeed make interesting products, its marketing and lofty claims are just something to take with a pinch of salt, so until we see further details, we’re retaining our judgment for later. Regardless, it looks like more of a concept-style product, rather than something that you’d want to use every day. However, with that said, the screen does look interesting and new.

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Finalmouse urges that the video is from almost a year ago. This means that the final product that we see on December 17 could be vastly different. It goes without saying, this keyboard will probably cost you a pretty penny.

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