Endgame Gear XM2we review: The ultimate claw grip mouse

XM2we mouse white on blue mousepadDexerto

The Endgame Gear XM2we gaming mouse offers a slim shape, heavy clicks, and a high CPI at a reasonable price. With all of these killer specs, you can’t go wrong, right? We dig deep.

We’ve tested a lot of gaming mice at Dexerto, meaning that when something truly unique and new comes through our doors, our ears immediately perk up. coming in at just 63g, this is one of the lightest wireless mice that we’ve ever tested, and given all of the limitations that usually come with that, we were expecting the mouse to fall short in some areas.

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After putting the hours in and testing the mouse, what we found surprised us in a way that the likes of Glorious and Vaxee wished they could muster.

Key specs

  • Weight: 63g
  • Connectivity: USB-C, 2.4Ghz
  • Grip type: Fingertip, Claw (right-handed)
  • Buttons: 5 (Kailh Switches)
  • Sensor: Pixart Wireless 3370
  • Maximum CPI: 3200
  • Polling rate: 1000Hz
  • Battery life: 50 hours (410 mAh)
  • Features: PTFE skates, slim design, adjustable liftoff distance, adjustable CPI stepping
  • Price: $79.99

Included in the box: Endgame Gear XM2we, 2.4GHz receiver, USB-A to USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C converter


XM2we mouse white on blue mousepad overhead shotDexerto

The Endgame Gear XM2we is gorgeous. Sporting a design akin to the popular enthusiast mouse, the Lamzu Atlantis, Endgame Gear’s choice of shape is a fresh one. With a lower profile across the entire body and a modest bump at the back. Each mouse button feels roomy, so you’ll never miss a click, and the entire chassis oozes quality.

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Each of the side buttons also gets that premium treatment, with a very short throw which makes each tap satisfying. The wheel of the mouse also feels incredibly sturdy when compared to the likes of the Razer DeathAdder V3.

There’s a fair amount of travel when clicking the main two buttons, and their optical clicks always left us feeling satisfied, and they are also appropriately spammable. Though, the click does get stiffer toward the rear of the mouse, too.

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The shell is outfitted with a matte finish that will likely prove divisive, the smooth touch of the mouse could cause it to be slippery, but once your hands heat up its surface, it becomes grippier. We never really found this to be an issue for the duration of our testing, but it could be a problem for those who do not have particularly oily hands, or if you have a relatively low body temperature.

XM2we mouse white on blue mousepad undersideDexerto

A generous helping of PTFE skates at the bottom keeps everything running nice and smooth, and a keyed USB-C port at the front allows for most cables to fit. Around the bottom, you also get a power switch and mode button.

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It’s not cutting-edge, but that doesn’t matter

The Pixart Wireless 3370 sensor might not be the newest thing in the world, but really what matters is its implementation. There is barely a difference between the 3370 and 3395. The main point missing here is the synchronized SPI reads with USB polls. This can also be done via software and entirely rests on the mouse’s firmware, which is more than up to the task of taking you through heated gaming moments.

Additionally, the XM2we’s main competitor, the Lamzu Atlantis, is around 10 grams lighter, while this does make a difference with how you play, the mouse is still incredibly light, and we fell a little bit in love with it throughout the duration of our testing process.

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XM2we mouse softwareDexerto

The Endgame Gear XM2we’s software experience is lightweight, offering key remapping, adjustable debounce, adjustable CPI stages, polling, and liftoff distances. We’re actually a fan of how great this software is, it never really gets in the way of the rest of your setup, and it’s minimal enough and easy to use, meaning that there are no bigger headaches, or settings burning underneath layers of different menus.

We did not experience any laggy click latency, though we were unable to capture it via a USB analyzer. Barring that, this gaming mouse is relatively affordable and no frills.

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Gaming performance

Chasing the victory royales in Fortnite has never been easier, we found that adjusting our settings for the title allowed us to be snappier while we played with long-range weapons such as the Heavy Sniper Rifle. The same went for AWP’ing in CS:GO, the mouse just allowed us to perform incredibly well, owing to the XM2we’s lightweight and excellent sensor.

XM2We shape vs deathadder V3 proEloshapes

The coating stuck to our hands like glue during the sweatier matches, and we found ourselves gripping the mouse in a claw, which is where we felt most comfortable with it. Its slim shape allows for an easy grip, and we actually preferred it to the Deathadder V3 Pro’s comparatively bulbous shape.

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Endgame MPC Cordura mousepad

XM2we mouse white side profileDexerto

The Endgame MPC Cordura mousepad was also reviewed along with the XM2we, and it offers an extremely high-quality finish, with lovely edge stitching that makes it immediately a step above other mousepads, such as the options from Vaxee, which we think were a bit of an afterthought to their hardware.

Endgame Gear takes a different approach and offers a genuinely high-quality mousepad. It might feel as though it has a rougher texture, it allows the mouse to glide effortlessly across the surface.

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Should you buy it?

Priced in the mid-range, the Endgame Gear XM2we is superb, everything from its finish, clicks, build quality and shape are all top-notch. It might not boast the most advanced sensors, or be flush with RGB lights, but it really doesn’t need it. The mouse performs excellently in almost every aspect.

We also found the near 50-hour battery life of the mouse to be great, with a small LED sensor only ever popping up when the mouse needed to be charged. While it’s not the best out there, it’s certainly good, and definitely unobtrusive when it begins to run out when compared to the likes of SteelSeries mice.

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The verdict – 5/5

The Endgame Gear XM2we is one of the best gaming mice out there right now, and it might just be one of the best accessible options for any claw grippers out there, too. For the asking price of $79.99, you really can’t go wrong here.

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