Corsair announces brand-new TC200 gaming chair: Price, specs and more

corsair tc200Corsair

Corsair has announced the TC200 gaming chair, to go alongside their ever-growing selection of furniture. The new chair is available now and joins the previously-released T3 Rush, among others.

Following up on their other entries in the gaming chair selection, Corsair has unveiled the TC200, a chair that will come in at $399.99 for both fabric and ‘leatherette’ materials. The chair comes into an incredibly crowded market full of gaming chair brands, and mainstream tech brands looking to get a slice of the pie. From what we can gather, it looks to compete with the best gaming chairs, but will it manage to beat the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022?

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The chairs feature foam lumbar support, as well as a detachable memory foam neck pillow to help with your posture. Alongside this, it features your expected functions for a high-end gaming chair, with 4D armrests to position however you feel most comfortable and a 120mm lift on raising the chair up. This shows that Corsair has taken the current market of gaming chairs into careful consideration, and from what we can tell, it stands up with other premium brands.

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In terms of comfort, the reclining feature allows you to go back a full 180 degrees. Corsair has also designed the TC200 to be bigger than their other offerings, allowing anyone of any size to be comfortable with their PC. Corsair is currently offering the TC200 in two color schemes, light grey and white or black. While it would have been nice to see a few more options, they both look excellent.

The chair appears to be constructed entirely from steel. A thick frame is encased in the material, offering constant security while gaming. In comparison, the T3 Rush only uses steel on the frame and not on the wheels or other parts. This shows a marked improvement from Corsair’s last outing, and the premium materials will hopefully make the chair last a little bit longer than some of the cheaper gaming chairs out there.

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Corsair featuresCorsair
Looks pretty comfortable, right?

Corsair TC200 price and specs

  • Price: $399.99
  • Maximum height supported: 196cm/6ft 5in
  • Maximum weight supported: 121kg/268lbs
  • Backrest height: 83cm
  • Seat depth: 45.5cm
  • Backrest width: 53cm
  • Armrest to armrest: 69cm – 72cm (adjustable)
  • Seatbase width: 39.5cm
  • Gas lift range: 12cm (adjustable)
  • Seat height: 47cm – 59cm (adjustable)
  • Wheel caster diameter: 75mm

This fully-featured chair is on sale right now, and we hope to see more efforts like this from Corsair in the future. The pricing and features of the chair make it incredibly competitive in the market. We recently laid out our favourite gaming chairs, including the Corsair T3 Rush and the impeccable Secretlab Titan Evo 2022. We still have to test the TC200 to see if it manages to stand up to the best of the best. But, right now it’s looking incredibly promising.

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