Cheaper Asus ROG Ally price leak shows it will battle with Valve’s Steam Deck


The cheaper Asus ROG Ally variant has had its price leaked, and it’s good news for those looking to pick up the Steam Deck competitor, as the price is allegedly pipped at just $599.

The Asus ROG Ally just can’t stop leaking, whether it be from Best Buy, or prototypes. The highly-anticipated handheld is poised to launch with two different configurations. The first is using the Ryzen Z1 with 256GB of storage, meanwhile the premium Z1 extreme with 512GB of storage will manage to achieve higher framerates.

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As first reported by The Verge, the cheaper 256GB variant, is equipped with the slightly slower Ryzen Z1, which is based on the 7840U, a chip in upcoming devices like the Ayaneo 2S.

ROG Ally priced to compete with Steam Deck

ROG Ally with caseEngadget

This cheaper Asus ROG Ally is poised to cost just $599, which is $100 cheaper than the $699 Z1-based device. There are scant details on whether or not this cheaper variant will also house other additional differences compared to its more powerful sibling.

This price would bring the ROG Ally in direct competition with the Steam Deck‘s mid-range and high-end options. On paper, it also appears as though the ROG Ally will beat the Steam Deck when it comes to performance, but you will also be running the handheld on Windows, too. So, the Steam Deck might be more streamlined when it comes to the actual performance of the device itself, too.

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Poised for a final launch on May 11. we’ll soon have all of these leaks finally confirmed. Until then, you can keep your eyes peeled on everything ROG Ally on our dedicated page, where you can also sign up to waitlist the device too. Either way, the handheld market is heating up, and Asus might have the most exciting entry into the budding category since the initial release of the Steam Deck itself.

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