Can you play WWE 2K23 on the Steam Deck?

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Wondering if you can play WWE 2K23 on Steam Deck? It’s good news for users of Valve’s humble handheld, as you’ll be cutting promos and playing the heel before you know it.

There are parts of us that want to write this out like some classic promos, but working in Steam Deck into Hard Times is quite difficult. From the perspective of the PC, the Steam Deck stole their jobs. Is the PC Dusty Rhodes in this equation?

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Confusing wrestling references aside, WWE 2K23 has landed on Steam, and from the sounds of our review, it’s a return to form. Reviewer Andrew Highton said: “The gameplay is near-perfect and the presentation and delivery of a worldwide sensation are engrossing and captivating.”

Sounds like we’re not talking about Bryan Danielson’s return levels of good, but maybe Sheamus’ recent run of matches.

Does WWE 2K23 work on the Steam Deck?

bobby lashley posing in wwe 2k232K Games

WWE 2K23 appears to run quite well on the Steam Deck, hitting 60FPS at the default in-game settings. However, some users have reported that the game might need to use a different version of Proton.

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You might need to turn off motion blur and depth of field to get a little bit extra out of it, but the game does support AMD’s FSR. Using the supersampling from AMD should also get you those solid frames you need for some of the precise moments of the game.

It seems like it’s not only an escape out of the cage of mediocrity for WWE 2K23. The Steam Deck is getting pushed to the moon, now you can access GM Mode on the go as well. You’ll be a jet-flying, limousine-riding, game-playing son of a gun.

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Though, rather than having to DELETE everything, make sure you’re stocked up with a decent SSD or microSD card.

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