Best Steam Deck skins and decals in 2023: Budget, premium & more

steam deck best skin

Looking for the best Steam Deck skins? You can give your Deck a brand-new look, but not all of them are born equal, so we’ve picked out some of our favorites.

Valve’s Steam Deck is the hottest craze and as such, it’s no wonder why there are a dozen or so options for skins and decals out there. From dbrand and JSAUX to the trove of options on Amazon, which one is for you?

As a precautionary measure, make sure you buy your Steam Deck skins and decals from a reputable source. There have been reports of people removing the skins and causing damage to the case.

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dbrand: The best skins for your Steam Deck

dbrand skin on a steam deck

The classic and best skins available for the Steam Deck are from dbrand. Not only do you get to customize your device to your liking, but you’ll find it to provide that extra layer of protection. It’s not going to save the Steam Deck from a large fall, but the outer layer does offer some resistance against weathering.

dbrand provides a slew of options for the Steam Deck, from an incredibly cool ‘innards’ skin to the usual changing the color.

The company is excessively proud of its selection of skins, claiming they’re as thin as “two pieces of hair”. Really, the best thing about them is that removing the skins once you’re done won’t leave much residue behind, nor cause damage to the device. They’re also textured, adding a nice subtle grip to your Steam Deck.

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JSAUX: Reliable skins

jsaux eva skin on a steam deck

Newer on the market, JSAUX skins aren’t as high quality as dbrand , but do offer a great offering as a cheaper alternative.

The main takeaway from seeing reviews and complaints is that there’s a level of expectation due to dbrand’s influence. For this set of Steam Deck skins, you’re really going to need to take your time. Layering on what is effectively a large sticker needs some finesse or risk misalignment.

JSAUX don’t offer these as their primary product and it seems to be more about being the number one brand for everything Steam Deck.

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What’s interesting is their color selection. While not as plentiful as dbrand’s, they do provide some neat homages to favorite franchises. New on the block is an Evangelion green and purple one, as well as a retro, SNES-styled one as well.

PlayVital: The budget option

steam deck with playvital skin

While not exactly the highest quality, coming in under $20 for a massive selection of skins for your Steam Deck is hard to argue with. PlayVital provides a monstrous 43 options on Amazon, with the price set at $15.99.

It seems that PlayVital does have some issues with their skins, but much like JSAUX, it’s more about patience. Not everyone will provide a dbrand level of skins, and not everyone can afford the cost of them either.

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They might be the budget option, but the Steam Deck skin market is filled with duds and this seems like the most suitable option amongst them.

Pop Skin: Best skins for fans of anime

popskin gundamn edition on a steam deck

At the moment, Pop Skin has a single skin available for the Steam Deck and it’s themed around Mobile Suit Gundam. While an odd choice, we’re massive fans of Gundam and despite its slick texture, this is a doozy of a makeover. It provides that weathering protection while allowing you to legally be allowed to fight your bitter rival in space (robot not included).

Pop Skin should be making more of these Steam Deck skins in the future, with a Char-themed one lurking around the corner. While we’re unsure of their timeline, this makes for an excellent alternative for fans.

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Can you remove the skin after it is on the Steam Deck?

Of course, you can. You’ll want to gently pull away at it with a hairdryer, ensuring that the glue is coming away without damaging your Steam Deck. To do this cold, and without the magic touch could result in it ripping, being stuck to your Deck, or even worse, damaging the Steam Deck.

Do you need a skin for the Steam Deck?

Not at all, you shouldn’t get one if you don’t want one. Much like with any decals and skins, it’s all down to personal preference.

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