Asus teasing mysterious “TUF OG” Nvidia GPU

asus tuf soldier

It’s an incredibly busy time for Asus, but the TUF side of the brand is currently teasing a new Nvidia GPU without any reference to the 40 series.

A new graphics card announcement from Asus has been picked up on the radar, with the company making no straight references to what they could be releasing.

Dubbed the “TUF OG”, Asus will reveal the new GPU on May 10, 9am EST with its own dedicated live stream. The message that went along with the tease was:

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“Stand by for a new GeForce RTX graphics card! The TUF OG is poised for deployment in your gaming rig.

“Guess the chipset and full card name for a chance to win it!”

However, the mention of the “TUF OG” is missing from the tweet, making this an even more confusing tease.

Asus has also completely left out any actual Nvidia branding outside of the GeForce RTX, leaving it unclear what the mysterious new addition to its already stacked GPU output is.

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Asus teases new GPU – will it be the RTX 4060 Ti?

Asus’ stream comes a little too early before the expected announcement of the RTX 4060 Ti, which is expected to be part of Nvidia’s CEO’s Computex keynote. However, it’s fully anticipated that the “TUF OG” will be running the Ada Lovelace architecture which currently powers the RTX 40-series cards.

However, it is possible that Asus is gearing up to make a new line of GPUs to go alongside the current TUF output, with a single card launching before the rest join it.

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Asus is currently having an incredibly busy first half of the year. Not only have they launched their own RTX 4070 and Ti variants, but also their own handheld gaming PC to compete with the Steam Deck. The Asus ROG Ally is powered by AMD’s new Z1 and Z1 Extreme chips.