Asus ROG Ally price leaks and it’s cheaper than you think

ASUS ROG Ally front

The Asus ROG Ally has had its price leaked on Best Buy, with the device landing at a reasonable $699.99. After weeks of speculation, it actually looks like the company has priced to go head-to-head with the Steam Deck.

Handheld gaming PCs are booming, with Valve’s Steam Deck leading the way after years of expensive hardware. While the competition, like Ayaneo and OneXPlayer, can’t subsidize the cost with the massive cash reserves on hand, Asus appears to be pricing the hardware competitively.

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A week ago, we reported that the Asus ROG Ally was going to essentially match the Steam Deck in an attempt to rock Valve’s boat. Now, a leaked listing on Best Buy has confirmed those previous reports.

Priced at $699 for 512GB and 16GB of RAM puts it at $50 more than the top-end Steam Deck. However, it does pack the latest AMD Z1 APU, with RDNA 3 graphics and Zen 4 processor architecture. With this in tow, it handily beats the Steam Deck in the performance department.

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The Best Buy listing has since been taken down and reverted back to its sign-up page.

Why the ROG Ally’s pricing is so important

Asus unveils Rog ally gaming deviceAsus

A lot of the high-end competition, like the aforementioned Ayaneo, consistently releases hardware that’s still $300-$400 more than the Steam Deck. There were concerns that the ROG Ally would suffer from teh same fate.

It should be noted that Asus is only launching one model of the ROG Ally right now, in comparison to Valve’s three variations, which come in considerably cheaper.

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The Asus ROG Ally will be hosting a launch event on May 11, along with a roundtable discussion involving Microsoft’s head of Xbox devices.

In a recorded video, Microsoft said they were looking into a new experience layer to try to assist with these new gaming handhelds running Windows 11.

Want to find out everything to do with the Asus ROG Ally? We’ve gathered all the information you need right here, including early benchmarks from AMD.

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