April’s most-played Steam Deck games is filled with indie darlings

dredge with a steam deck sticking out the water

Valve’s monthly roundup of the most-played Steam Deck games for April showcases more than a few killer indie games, which are perfect for Steam Deck, as well as an unexpected surprise.

Like the PlayStation Vita before it, the Steam Deck has become a launchpad of sorts for indie games. These smaller titles are cheaper, easier to pick up and play, and also, run better than a vast majority of big titles on Valve’s humble handheld.

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So it’s no surprise then that indie titles like Dredge, Brotato, and Dead Cells litter the Top 20 list this month for the most played Steam Deck games. What’s most surprising is that the list has changed up so much between March and April.

As more people dive into Resident Evil 4, Capcom’s latest horror remake has shot straight to number five on the list, versus its quick ranking to 20 last month. Meanwhile, Elden Ring continues to dominate at two, while Hogwarts Legacy slips away.

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However, the seven indie darlings that punctuate the list are massive successes for the teams behind these much smaller experiences.

New indie darling Dredge takes top spot above Skyrim & Witcher 3

Dredge hanging with the likes of Grand Theft Auto V and Cyberpunk 2077 is impossibly cool to see. The Eldritch-themed fishing game sees you scouring the deep blue for your next paycheck, even if the horrors that lurk below threaten you. It’s a wonderful title, with a comfortable loop that makes it ideal for devices like the Steam Deck.

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Vampire Survivors also continues to dominate the world, as the recent DLC release and announcement of an animated TV show boosts its popularity to unprecedented levels.

Despite being released a few years ago, it’s also great to see titles like Hades and Dead Cells still continue to batter players with their unscrupulous difficulty. Meanwhile, Brotato attempts to bring a more cartoony aesthetic to the accidental invention of a new genre of roguelikes with its Vampire Survivor-inspired gameplay.

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