Apple could release new foldable iPhone soon, according to report

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Apple could be getting into the folding phone game as early as the release of the iPhone 12 to compete with Samsung, according to a new report.

Picking out a phone is always tough, and it looks like Apple are about to make things a whole lot tougher with their rumored foldable iPhone.

Samsung already has one of these on the market with their Galaxy Z, and now, it seems like their rival wants to claim a piece of the pie.

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Apple could soon have a competitor to Samsung’s folding phone line.

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This information comes from, who cites an interview with a professor of glass science, as well as information from Corning – the company that supplies Apple with the Gorilla Glass for their phones. Corning explains they are “actively developing” glass-based products for folding devices set to hit the market in the next 12 to 18 months, which has sparked rumors that it could all be for a new design of iPhone.

Of course, none of this is set in stone as Apple haven’t unveiled their upcoming line of phones just yet, but the trail of bread crumbs is certainly enough to raise eyebrows. This timetable would put a potential release in 2021, and there’s a lot that can change between now and then.

If the next iPhone really is foldable, we have to hope it’s durable.

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It’s worth mentioning that when Samsung unveiled their foldable phones, there were several problems that plagued the devices, such as hinge problems and broken screens.

If Apple can remedy all of those issues and come out swinging with a more refined version of its Galaxy predecessor, it could do wonders, and might very well become the next best-selling iPhone.

Apple AirpodsApple
A new pair of Airpods have leaked.

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One thing the report doesn’t go in-depth with is what this would mean for the current line of iPhones. Not everyone would particularly be interested in a foldable version of the device, so it will be interesting to see if they go full throttle into this new design, or if Apple decides to keep the original model around for those who don’t like change as much.

On top of this information, news about the next iteration of Airpods has leaked, and they look like they will be quite expensive.

They could end up being an excellent choice to pair with your new foldable iPhone, if the tech giant does indeed go that route.