AMD’s new Zen 5 CPUs could get a huge performance boost vs Zen 4

Zen 4 3D CPUsAMD

AMD’s Zen 5 platform might be up to 30% faster than Zen 4, according to Jim Keller, a former chip architect at Intel and AMD.

It’s barely been a second since the powerful AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D was released, and we’re already getting news of AMD’s upcoming Zen 5 CPUs. Jim Keller, a former Intel and AMD engineer has chimed in with performance metrics of what we should expect from AMD’s Zen 5 CPUs.

Keller now works as CEO of Tenstorrent, a company that uses processors in order to develop AI for machine learning. The mastermind behind Intel’s lineup of Arc GPUs, Raja Koduri has also recently joined Tenstorrent.

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However, as first reported by Videocardz, the company has produced an eye-catching slide that could give us an insight into the performance of AMD’s Zen 5 CPUs.

AMD Zen 5 benchmarksTenstorrent

AMD Zen 5 CPUs blaze past in first benchmarks

You can observe a 30% increase in speed on the Zen 5 platform when compared to Zen 4, which is named “Genoa” on this list. It’s unclear how Keller attained these brand-new CPUs for showcasing performance, but it might be an incredibly early sample.

Zen 5 is currently slated to release in 2024, and we cannot wait to see what performance gains we might see from the brand-new gaming CPUs. We’d hope that AMD’s Zen 5 offering will also come with the 3D V-cache as seen on their recent CPU releases.

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Regardless, this should not stop you from picking up an AMD Ryzen 7 7800X, which is currently the fastest gaming CPU on the market.

The battle in the gaming CPU arena is heating up, and it’s looking like AMD will once again be rulers of the roost for most gamers in the upcoming generation, as they take back the power crown. But, will AMD find its way back into the hearts of mid-range gamers, too? Only time will be able to answer if Team Red really has the chops to penetrate the mainstream markets as they did when Zen 2 landed.

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