AMD slashes prices on its most powerful CPUs

amd cpus being sold a food market with a sign saying they're 100 dollars offPexels/AMD

One of the top CPUs from AMD has gotten a massive price slash. This comes not long after a catastrophic issue started impacting the processor.

AMD and Newegg have slashed prices on the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D, one of its most powerful options in the Ryzen 7000 CPU lineup.

The $100 price cut comes not long after a massive issue began to materialize on motherboards. Due to voltage irregularities surrounding overclocking options from AMD, Asus boards began to burn out the systems, it was later identified that this could happen using other brands of motherboards, too.

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While a self-destructive CPU might seem like a bad purchase, AMD has worked diligently with motherboard manufacturers to ensure the issues do not persist. However, it appears to have had a knock-on effect where AMD has seen fit to reduce the price of one of its top CPUs.

Of course, the 7900X3D is an exceptional component to throw into your next build or upgrade, but it does require an entirely new motherboard. In this generation, AMD switched to the AM5 platform, which exclusively uses DDR5 and has a new CPU socket.

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AMD Ryzen 7800X3D sees price cut after burning out motherboards

AMD Ryzen 7800x3D

For gaming enthusiasts looking slightly more optimized power, but need to shave a few bucks off their purchase, the 7800X3D is also a solid choice.

While the 7900X3D will bring out the best in your games, the 7800X3D has become the gaming default for many upcoming PC builds. It demolishes games at a fraction of the cost of the much bigger, more powerful 7950X3D or even some of Intel’s 13th generation current lineup.

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Micro Center and Newegg have seen the price reduced for the much beloved 7800X3D CPU. While not as ridiculous as a $100 price cut, the $30 savings after a few weeks out on sale is an excellent get.

For those with a little more cash to splash, the 7950X3D is also available with a much smaller discount of $30, bringing it down to $669. While it’s a decent deal, the 7800X3D or 7900X3D will probably be the better option.

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