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Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V introduces Oro, Rose & more in Summer Update

Published: 5/Aug/2020 18:54 Updated: 5/Aug/2020 19:20

by Virginia Glaze


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition has released its final five characters in a highly-anticipated Summer Update broadcast, with fan favorites C. Viper, Rose, and a brand-new name making a splash in the game’s robust roster.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition officially kicked off in wake of Capcom Cup 2019, introducing new V-Skills for all characters and even bringing back Third Strike’s Gill in his first-ever playable iteration, alongside Street Fighter IV boss Seth.

After four years, however, the latest Street Fighter title is winding down to its final season, and with it, its final DLC character pack.

With no EVO at which to make announcements, fighting game developers have saved their reveals for individual broadcasts, with SFV scheduling a special Summer Update just a week after the world’s biggest fighting game tournament would have taken place.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition key art.
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition introduced a new V-Skill for each character, unique track suit costumes, and even brought back fan-favorite bosses Gill and Seth.

What’s in SFV season 5?

After revealing that this season would be SFV’s last, the SFV Summer Update gave fighting game fanatics what they’ve been itching for: Long-awaited mainstay characters and even a crossover fighter.

Characters revealed in the Summer Update include:

  • Dan
  • Rose
  • Oro
  • Akira (Rival Schools)
  • Upcoming character

While it’s been some time since we’ve seen a few of these characters, with Dan, Rose and Oro all hailing from older Street Fighter titles, this will be the first time a Rival Schools character has been introduced in a modern Street Fighter game. Akira, hailing from the beloved fighting game franchise, already has connections to Sakura, Ryu’s disciple, so her addition — as explained by director Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto — isn’t completely coming out of left field.

When will these characters be released?

As seen in the Summer Update broadcast, only development footage of Dan was shown. As for Rose, Oro, and Akira, developers had nothing to show, but did reveal that both Rose and Akira will be getting special stages of their own.

Looking at Dan’s footage, it seems that he has remained true to his SFIV form — although we still have yet to see how his taunt super will play out.

SFV content roadmap.
Street Fighter V’s final season will extend into late 2021, according to a content roadmap given by developers to fans.

Developers also gave fans a timeline for when these characters will be released. So far, it seems that this last season of Street Fighter V will extend into late 2021, with the as-yet-unrevealed character slated for Fall 2021.

It looks like we’ve got a little over two more years of SFV left, according to this roadmap (which also revealed a SFV Capcom Cup for 2022), meaning that we can expect the game’s competitive lifetime to last just as long.

Street Fighter League Season 3

Capcom esports is back and bigger than ever! Street Fighter League is returning with a third season, and this time, it’s bringing competition together from all across the globe.

With Street Fighter League Japan already announcing its teams, there’s no telling who will be participating in this season’s shenanigans — but we’re excited, all the same!

SFL Season 3 announcement.
The Street Fighter League will be returning for its third season, featuring competition from around the globe.

AEW x Capcom

Just ahead of Rose’s announcement, as told by wrestling star Kenny Omega, All Elite Wrestling is collaborating with Capcom for some unique Street Fighter merchandise! As a longtime fan of the franchise, it comes as little surprise that Kenny Omega was the one to reveal this collab, which fans can cop over at

AEW x Street Fighter shirt.
AEW is kicking off a special collaboration with Street Fighter for some limited edition merchandise.

Although SFV has a history of unintended leaks just ahead of major announcements, it looks like the game’s final season was kept well under lock and key. With five new characters, a new season of Street Fighter League, and more having been revealed, there’s no better way to kick off SFV’s last season than with an unprecedented, transparent talk with players.

Who are you most excited for this season? Let us know on Twitter @Dexerto!

Street Fighter V

How SFV’s trash-talking poster boy almost conquered the world

Published: 3/Aug/2020 12:07 Updated: 3/Aug/2020 16:25

by Shane King


There are a lot of Street Fighter V players who love to trash talk but only one has embraced the heel persona to its full and backed it up in the game – Victor ‘Punk’ Woodley.

Being one of the best SFV players in the world, Punk is heavily renowned for his amazing Karin and Cammy. But after naming himself after former WWE star CM Punk, you best believe he has the mouth to go with his skills.

Woodley has had a meteoric rise over the last few years, getting to finals and winning a couple of tournaments such as Summer Jam 12 and Thunderstruck 2018, but the one that eluded him was Capcom Cu. He finished a lowly 13-16th in 2018, but 2019 was hallmarked to be his year.

2019 Punk was electric, winning eight tournaments in the year prior to the Capcom Cup and he looked unstoppable. But unfortunately in the final, he ended up playing Goliath to iDom’s David story, coming up just short due to iDom’s crazy adaptability. He missed out on what should have been his crowning moment.

This is the story of Punk, The heel that dominated the Street Fighter pro scene to its core, and how he almost conquered the world.