Starfield’s 1.7.36 update only has four changes and fans are furious

Featured image of Starfield planets after the reaction to the 1.7.36 updateBethesda

Starfield has generated a lot of debate online since its release in September. Now, the 1.7.36 update is drawing significant criticism from fans who say it does not go remotely far enough.

This Starfield patch was never designed to be a huge update but, with just four changes, it’s tiny by any standard. The highly request field of view (FOV) slider has been added to the settings menu for first and third-person mode. There are also two alterations to address stability issues and a bug fix for the Echoes of the Past quest.

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Though those minor updates are undoubtedly welcome, Starfield players are less than happy with the scale of the patch.

Starfield’s community are angry at the ambition of the 1.7.36 update

An explorer looks out into space from their ship in Starfield

Responses on the Steam Community post show many are unhappy with the irregularity of patches in addition to their scope: “Are you guys on vacation? How in the world does a AAA company take a month to address 2 small issues and some stability?? The state of gaming is depressing as hell.” commented one player.

There have also been significant calls for Bethesda to make the game DLSS compatible among other highly requested quality of life changes: “It took you 2 weeks to implement a FOV slider?? Wow.. so i’m expecting DLSS + working HDR for around mid 2024.. pretty disappointing.” said another, though others have since pointed out that there is a mod which has added DLSS with relative success.

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The developer has promised support for Starfield for the foreseeable future and many of these issues should be addressed. Whether the game will have enough players when those patches are released is another thing entirely.

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