Starfield players want to be able to build and customize new Vasco robots

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Starfield players really want developers to introduce a feature that will let them customize Vasco and build robots like Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC.

Across Starfield’s Settled Systems are various companions with whom players can join forces. For instance, Mathis is a pirate companion who users can befriend after completing the Crimson Fleet quest. Constellation member and adventurer Barrett can be recruited once the Back to Vectera mission concludes.

So far, Starfield fans seem mixed on the companions as a whole, especially when compared to those in Skyrim and Fallout 4. The new RPG’s non-human companion, Vasco, appears to be fairly well-liked, though.

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Vasco is so beloved, in fact, that players hope Bethesda has bigger plans for the robot in the future.

Starfield fans wish the game would let them customize Vasco

In a recent Reddit thread, a user named Spartansoldier-175 put forth the idea that players should be able to customize Vasco. The ability to build a robot wouldn’t be a bad idea either, the Redditor said.

Comments on the post, which currently boasts nearly 6,000 upvotes, like this line of thinking. For one, Fallout 4 received robot-building mechanics with the launch of the Automatron DLC in early 2016.

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As such, Starfield fans can’t help but wonder why a similar feature didn’t make its way to the new space-faring experience.

Some believe such content would constitute the perfect DLC release; meanwhile, others hope a free update is what introduces robot building.

The original poster wrote in one comment, “I figured they would make it a DLC, but it should be in [the] base game.” Someone else responded, “It better be a free update. Having a game element in a past game and removing the feature in your next game, only to re-introduce [it] in a paid DLC is some EA The Sims level s**t.”

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As of now, whether or not Starfield will receive upgraded Vasco-centric content is anyone’s guess. There’s currently no word on how Bethesda plans on supporting Starfield post-launch, though director Todd Howard previously confirmed that DLC is on the cards.

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