Starfield players left in the dark as promised updates and features are MIA

Amoli Bava, a vendor for jeminson Mercantile in Starfield.

Starfield fans are growing frustrated with Bethesda’s lack of updates since the game’s release, with only one patch addressing a handful of issues.

Bethesda’s Starfield has been quite the journey for players ever since its release in early September. While some players are freely exploring the game’s many planets, others are running into their fair share of bugs and issues.

In most cases, the game’s bugs warrant nothing more than a good laugh, such as being launched into space without their ship or the complete opposite as their ship takes off without them. However, some players are running into frustrating issues such as disappearing ships, outpost issues, and more.

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In a September 14 update, Bethesda told fans to “expect a regular interval of updates that have top community requested features.” But, now fans have been left wondering where these updates are.

Since the September promise, there have been only two updates, with the most recent on October 9, which addressed a mere four issues, including the promised FOV slider, improvements for Intel Arc GPUs, various other stability and performance enhancements, and a single quest fix.

The lack of communication from Bethesda has left players in the dark about what updates are coming and when they can expect them.

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One more frustrated fan took to Reddit to voice their frustration, attaching a screenshot of Bethesda’s September update and asking, “What ever happened to regular updates?”

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Since then, the thread has become a space in which players are sharing their experiences with bugs and issues with the game. Users shared all kinds of issues, including the pesky outpost bug that stops players from interacting with their outpost unless they save and re-load the game. Some are simply calling for the HDR calibration update that was promised in September.

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But one popular issue that players want to be fixed is the disappearing ship bug, with one player writing, “All other fixes can wait AFAIC, but god damn it, fix the disappearing ship bug.”

“Half the times I edit a ship it disappears and I must load the game potentially wasting a ton of editing time to get it back. It’s pretty bad.”

Despite the frustration, Bethesda has assured players that Starfield is a game they plan to support for “years and years to come.” Players are urged to continue providing feedback, even if they can’t address all requests immediately.

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But for now, it seems the best course of action for frustrated fans might be to take a step back and give the game another chance at a later date once some of the more impactful issues have been resolved.

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